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Red Carpet Jeweler: Unusual Accessories

by wrote a report on Fall Accessories. This report featured six ways to accessorize this fall.
What's unusual about this? The accessories featured.Red Carpet Jewelry: Unusual Accessories

• Wear your belt as a necklace.
• Get silly with your bangles.
• Get out Grandma's costume jewelry.
• Pin a strand of sparkles in your hair.
• Wrap your wrist in beads.
• Borrow your baby's jewelry. (right: Michelle Williams wearing her baby's earrings.)

Seem simple enough? What can you do to turn these tips into money?

• You all have high end jewelry in your store. Stock a few lower priced items in your store that will catch your customer's eyes. Set up a display (maybe use a mannequin) with these items as the accessories.

• Have your staff model some of these styles while they work.

• Place an add in the newspaper featuring one of these tips. Write on what types of belts, bangles or beads you have in your store.

Whatever you choose to do, take advantage of these tips. They will definitely help bring customers into your store!

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