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So here's the deal. This website is designed to give jewelry store owners very specific information of what to do and what not to do with your jewelry website. Listen to us, follow our directions, and you will make money. You will increase foot traffic into your store. Your sales will go up.

Do we guarantee increases in sales? Of course not, especially since this website is free and the only time you really need a guarantee is when paying someone. Right?

How can we be so sure? Testing! Customer feedback! Tracking! And we've been doing this jewelry website stuff since 2003.

We do have a sister company called and monthly paying customers from there know that we have tons of ideas, and telephone training that helps them better their online visibility and local awareness for their jewelry store.

Readers beware! You will find a lot of what we call "lead pipe subtleties." In other words, we are going to get to the point... even if it hurts for you to find out.
Don't you just wish that someone would tell you exactly what to do, and you would make money?

"Why can't they ever say go here, spend wisely?"
-Riley Poole, National Treasure

We love that quote.

Hey, if you don't like what were's saying...

Well if you don't like our blunt point of view, you are welcome to leave. The stuff we're teaching is not just smoke and mirrors. When you pay for classes at college, you get a text book, you read, and you sit in a class and listen to the person at the front of the room. The professor is an authority on the subject matter of the class.

We're not teaching theory. Many times we will specifically point out DO THIS BECAUSE IT WORKS. There's a right way, and a wrong way for everything. Disbelieve us at your own peril.

At the same time, we don't want you to be just another automaton. You do need to "Think for yourself, question authority." To that end, feel free to test out what we tell you. Feel free to search Google for other points of view on the same topic. Come back and tell us when you find something that challenges our teachings.

The internet changes rapidly. What we teach today might be out of date next week after the next Google Update.
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What's the Catch?
Are you wondering what's the catch? Lots of good information and we're just providing it online... there must be a catch.

There is no catch.

We used to have a paid membership structure, but we did away with it because we want to speed up the learning curve for the every day average retail jeweler.

We know that most jewelers trust only the information at seminars they attend and what they see at a trade show. Much of our research is ahead of others because we have direct access to research data. This allows us to publish recommendations about tomorrow using today's statistics while others are only talking about what to do today using older data.

So how can we afford to do this? Simple, it's because jWAG is the research arm of the web services company. provides web design, web programming, web maintenance, email marketing, business consulting, online contests, Facebook management and several other web related services. That's where we make our money.

While jWAG does the research, tries to keep up with the latest jWAG SEO and web marketing recommendations.

The jWAG research is honest and holds nothing back. Sure you can pay at least 2 other internet marketing for jewelers companies for similar education, but even though we hope you would hire if you need help, none of the jWAG publications will ever require you to hire us.

We'll never say "and if you want more you have to hire us."

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