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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson 2 Vocab 20 - Crawl and Indexing

by Matthew A Perosi
Earlier I mentioned the term "bot" and how it refers to the Google Spider that reads websites. This Google Spider has the official name of "googlebot" which you will frequently see in your analytics reports.

Many newbies to the internet get confused between the words "Spider" and "Crawl" and "Indexing" because they all relate to a similar action. But there are subtle differences that will help your completely understand the SEO process.

First, as you know there is a Google program, referred to as a "Spider," or "googlebot." This is the software used to make a copy of your website.

Second, the process of making a copy of your website is called "crawling." You may also hear the term "spidering" but in 2009 Google made a shift in several of its helpful tools and replaced the words "spider" and "spidering" wit...

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