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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson 2 Vocab 36 - Meta Description

by Matthew A Perosi
The "Meta Description" is part of the HTML family of programming tags that help with your SEO efforts. Knowing how to program it and where it belongs inside each individual web page is not as important as knowing that you must have one for every page.

IMPORTANT: Cancel your service and find something different if your CMS does not give you the ability to change your Meta Description tag on every page of your website. Seriously. No Joke. No Control? CANCEL NOW!

The Meta Description is a 150 character or less description of what the visitor will find on your web page. The description needs to include as much detail as possible within 150 characters.

Assuming each page of your website is dedicated to a single Keyword Phrase as I previously explained, it should be easy to compose a terse 150 character d...

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