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Matthew Perosi

Matthew PerosiMatthew Perosi is the founder of jWAG and main contributor to the Daily Golden Nugget blog. He's no-nonsense education for retail jewelers has one purpose: to help retail jewelry store owners understand what they need to do to use the internet as a marketing tool for their store.

You can read more about Matthew's work on his Google+ Profile: Matthew Perosi.


Matthew has been a professional web developer since 1994 during which time he's either directly programmed or worked as the team leader on more than 700 different websites of various sizes. His first mobile interactive website was created in 2001 and they've been growing since.

Membership websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, retail store websites, and corporate websites are among the common sites Matthew has built.

Website programming skills range from Perl back in the old days, to ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, and WebDNA. Database programming once upon a time included miniSQL and SEQUEL, but that grew into MySQL and WebDNA's built in DB system.


Matthew has a BS in Computer Engineering from NJIT with Degree Minors in Applied Mathematics and Technical Theatre. He also has certification in Unix, Linux, Cisco networking and design, and various other computer technologies.

Matthew has studied the successes and failures of many websites that were both created by him and his team, and those crated by other developers. Learning continues every day as new technologies emerge, and we see what works and what doesn't work. When something interesting is found, it's written about in the Daily Golden Nuggets.

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