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2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings daily-golden-nugget-1433-12
What I'm presenting today is a continuation of the 2015 Holiday Season keyword data I presented yesterday. Today, I'm reviewing my findings about search queries that contained the phrase "engagement rings."

What I have here today is similar, yet very different to the "engagement ring" information I presented yesterday. Notice the difference in the query phrase between today's plural version and yesterday's singular version of the word "ring."

There are usually completely different reasons why someone will search for an "engagement ring" compared to when they will search for "engagement rings." For example, one of the queries I saw this time was "celebrities with black diamond engagement rings," which is obviously a search request for any celebrity that might own that type of ring, and therefore it's a pluralized request. On the other hand, another query I saw was "david yurman renaissance engagement ring," which sounds like a search request for a specific style of ring, and therefore it uses the singular version of the word "ring."

Naturally, there are plenty of identical searches like "custom engagement ring" and "custom engagement rings." Those searches reveal the personal thoughts of the user. Perhaps, the user is thinking they want to have a specific engagement ring custom made, and therefore they used the singular version. On the other hand, maybe they want ideas for custom designed rings, and therefore used the plural variant.

I'll dive into the data and you can draw your own conclusions--oh, but before I do, I once again need to caveat my data here by explaining that all this information comes from my own network of ecommerce and non-ecommerce retail jewelry stores that I track.

Top Words That Accompany Searches for "Engagement Rings"

This first pie chart I have for you shows the top 16 words that were included in all the searches for "engagement rings."

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings 1433-top-accompanying-words-35

I carefully went through the list of keywords to anonymizes the information, changing all occurrences of town names and state names to simply say "city" and "state." Filtering the keywords that way, revealed that searches for engagement rings in a specific city or state were the two most popular ways to search for engagement rings. For example, if I wanted to buy an engagement ring in my home town I would search for "engagement rings Totowa." The two variations "engagement rings in {city}" and "engagement rings near {city}" are also pretty common.

Here now is the list of the 41 most common words that I found in queries for "engagement rings":

{city name}23.20%
{state name}7.22%
rose gold1.74%
cushion cut1.47%
art deco1.17%
white gold0.80%
3 stone0.35%

Descriptive Words

The next grouping of data shows the common descriptive words I found. Take a look:

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings 1433-popular-descriptive-words-93

Please note that the percentages shown above are only a measure of the popularity between this group of keywords rather than the popularity within my entire group.

Just like in the data I showed yesterday, "vintage" is the most popular descriptive word, followed by "antique." However, the word "simple" had only a 1% popularity in "engagement ring" searches, but it holds 3rd place with 12% popularity among "engagement rings" searches. Here's the full list:
  • vintage engagement rings
  • antique engagement rings
  • simple engagement rings
  • art deco engagement rings
  • halo engagement rings
  • filigree engagement rings
  • solitaire engagement rings
  • modern engagement rings
  • floral engagement rings
  • 3 stone engagement rings
  • gothic engagement rings
  • beautiful engagement rings
  • classic engagement rings
  • contemporary engagement rings
  • edwardian engagement rings
  • victorian engagement rings
  • basic engagement rings

Gold Types

Unlike the gold data I showed you yesterday, this pie chart more accurately represents what retail jewelers tell me all the time:

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings 1433-popular-gold-phrases-55

Apparently, searches for "rose gold engagement rings" (and other permutations) absolutely dominated during the 2015 Holiday Season. Searches including the keyword phrase "white gold" were also very common, but searches for "yellow gold engagement rings" had trouble even appearing in my data. Take a look at this same chart from yesterday to see the huge difference a singular ring makes.

Custom Design Related Keywords

This next pie chart shows the relative popularity of words related to custom design and "engagement rings":

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings 1433-custom-design-queries-27

The words "custom" and "unique" are again at the top of the list. Yesterday the 3rd most popular word was "ideas," which is nowhere to be found today. The other words in this group include "different," "artisan," "handcrafted," "customize," and "handmade." I know there's a lot of opportunity here for jewelers to create content or write blog posts that include these words, thereby attracting some new attention from organic search.

Different Diamond Shapes

I wonder if this will surprise you as much as it did me. The data shows that people searching for "engagement rings" along with a specific diamond cut is completely different than the data I showed yesterday for "engagement ring" search. I had to triple check my data to make sure this wasn't wrong:

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Rings 1433-diamond-cuts-22

Remember that this shows the queries that contained the phrase "engagement rings" and each diamond type shown. The percentages shown in the chart are how the number of searches relates to one another, not to my entire data set, and yes, "cushion cut engagement rings" queries accounted for 59% of the searches during the 2015 Holiday Season!

Here's the full list:
  • cushion cut engagement rings
  • round engagement rings
  • square cut engagement rings
  • european cut engagement rings
  • princess cut engagement rings
  • heart engagement rings
  • marquise engagement rings
  • emerald cut engagement rings
  • asscher cut engagement rings
  • oval engagement rings
  • radiant cut engagement rings
  • circle cut engagement rings
  • miners cut engagement rings

I rarely see any mention of heart, princess, European, or square cut diamonds on any retail jewelry website, yet they all seem to have a similar level of popularity in search queries. You can capture additional local search ranking by adding at least one blog post to your website for each of these diamond cuts, and by further embellishing the product descriptions on your website to include the various diamond shapes that each setting can hold.


Now that you've had the chance to review the different keywords associated with the singular and plural versions of "engagement ring/rings," you need to think about your website's content strategy. Google doesn't always rank the singular variations when someone searches for the plural form, but it will rank it the other way around. Specifically, you will more likely see "rings" results when you search for "ring" but you might not see as many "ring" results when you search for "rings."

Ultimately, you should have written content on your website that exactly matches the keywords you want to garner attention for, but you have to do it in a natural way. For example, writing the sentence "Here's our photo essay of the celebrities with black diamond engagement rings" will match with the search phrases I mentioned earlier. Likewise, the sentence "We carry the latest David Yurman renaissance engagement ring" will exactly match the other phrase I mentioned at the beginning of this Nugget.

Correct grammatical syntax is very important in order for your website to rank for your target phrases. Just don't overdo it. It's very easy to accidentally over-optimize your website. Keep in mind that you are writing for your customer, not Google. Just say what you need to say to get your point across and don't write content that belabors the point.

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