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2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Fine Jewelry

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Fine Jewelry daily-golden-nugget-1437-59
In this edition of the Daily Golden Nugget, I'm going to examine more of the keyword data I collected during the 2015 holiday season, specifically the phrase "fine jewelry."

Retail jewelers and jewelry designers like to think of themselves as being in the "fine jewelry" industry, and they might even use that phrase in their advertising, but the truth is that the general public doesn't think about "fine jewelry;" they just view all jewelry as jewelry. Website research and search engine optimization activities rarely provide insights into how your customers think, but in this case, I believe I have enough data to claim that today's customers don't care about the "fine" in their jewelry.

Of the hundreds of thousands of keyword queries I collected during the 2015 holiday season, the phrase "fine jewelry" only appeared in 0.29% of that data. That's amazingly small considering I'm capturing data from businesses that consider themselves in the "fine jewelry" industry. On the other hand, I could put a positive spin on that 0.29% by telling you that that's up from the 0.15% measured during the 2014 holiday season. I doubt this is an upward trend, and the industry as a whole should get serious about the "fine jewelry" phrase.

Customers just want to buy jewelry. They don't care if it is "fine" just as long as it makes them feel fine, or better, while wearing it.

People don't often search for fine jewelry, but when they do...

Time to drill into that meager 0.29% and see what's happening. Maybe you'll find some value when you use this in your marketing.

Here's the breakdown of search queries that contained the phrase "fine jewelry."

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Fine Jewelry 1437-fine-jewelry-query-breakdown-64

34.5% of the queries were specifically "fine jewelry store."

31.0% of the queries were specifically "fine jewelry stores."

9.5% of the queries were for "fine jewelry gifts."

7.0% of the search queries were specifically for "fine jewelry" by itself.

Then there is this sliver of 2.7% of search queries that were for specific store names that had "fine jewelry" in the name, e.g "Perosi's Fine Jewelry & Gifts."

The last 15.3% would be all the rest of the search queries containing "fine jewelry," which I'll break down now...

Top Words Related To Fine Jewelry

The pie chart below shows the top 12 keywords people typed in when they were searching for "fine jewelry." Keep in mind that these are really tiny numbers in the grand scheme of things, only about 0.05% of all the search phrases I captured during the 2015 holiday season.

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Fine Jewelry 1437-top-fine-jewelry-related-keywords-29

Here's the specific data:
{2015 trends}6.92%
{state name}4.72%
near me3.14%
{town name}1.26%

The query "intricate fine jewelry" topped the list with 23.9% followed by "silver fine jewelry" with 19.81%, which might surprise those retail jewelers out there that don't consider silver jewelry to be in the fine category. Perhaps more in the fine category is the phrase "gold fine jewelry" which came in with 15.1% of searches.

There were a few different "trend" related phrases, like "2015 trends," "trends in 2015," and "trendy" which I grouped all together to make up that 6.92%.

The next phrase in the table is "fine jewelry designer" at 5.35%. I have to clarify this one because in most of my other keyword analyses I will group all jewelry designers together, like David Yurman and Mark Schneider. However, in this situation the word "designer" is actually that word.

These next set of phrases were location related searches:
{state name}
near me
{town name}

Examples of these are:
"fine jewelry near me"
"fine jewelry in my area"
"fine jewelry in Totowa, NJ"

The last noteworthy phrase to mention is "fine jewelry repair" with 1.26% of queries.

What To Do With This...

I can't stress enough that the data above makes up an extremely small sample of what I collected during the 2015 holiday season. There are plenty of other keywords that make up a similarly small set of data that I won't bother with, but this one is relevant for the fine jewelry industry I service.

The best use of this information is to simply make sure the following phrases appear somewhere on your website. Don't go overboard; just use them a few times in a blog post every once in a while, or on your about us, services, or store history page should suffice.

Here's the list:

  • sterling silver fine jewelry
  • gold fine jewelry
  • fine jewelry store
  • fine jewelry stores
  • fine jewelry repair

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more insights on keyword use.

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