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2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Top Keyword Phrases

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Top Keyword Phrases daily-golden-nugget-1442-42
This is the last Daily Golden Nugget where I'll dive deeply into specific keyword phrases I collected during the 2015 Holiday Season. I've presented a lot of information over the last 30 days and I could spend another month sifting through it, but this stuff does get boring after a while when there's no specific goal in mind. That's an important thing to remember; it's best to perform your keyword research when you have a specific goal in mind. Every time I grind through keyword data, I seem to lose another 7 hours of time, which becomes exhausting when I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

When it comes to these posts, I'm sifting through a lot of information to find the best ideas for retail jewelers. For example, last week I noticed a few people searching for Jewelers Reserve, which lead to my suggestion that retail jewelers should look into that program. Finding small things like that is just lucky, it's much better to have a directive for your research.

Organizing Keyword Research

When it comes time to dig into your keyword data, don't just use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to look at the number of times people search for a phrase, and don't sign up for other keyword research services until you've carefully looked over what's available in your own, free, Google Search Console. In there you can review the last 3 months of your own keyword impressions.

When reviewing your own keywords, you need to keep your primary product or service in mind and look for how it appears in that data. What you find in there, should provide a lot of ideas on how to build content for your website. Additionally, what you don't find in there will help you develop a plan for filling in the content gaps you have.

Even if you don't research your keywords often, I suggest you download your data at least every 3 months; otherwise, Google deletes it on you.

Top Keywords

Digging through the keyword data wasn't too enlightening this time around. I didn't find anything new other than how the popularity of certain phrases has changed. I won't get into specific percentages of popularity this time, instead I'll just list them in order of popularity...

Popular Desktop Phrases

1. The undisputed champion phrase for the 2015 Holiday Season was "vintage engagement rings." It had the most number of searches, far ahead of the rest.

2. Coming in at second place was the search phrase "jewelry design," which surprised me. This really does tell you the direction the industry is moving. Apparently, people do want the ability to have their jewelry custom made. I was surprised that the phrase "jewelry design" was higher than "custom jewelry," "custom design," and the three word phrase "custom jewelry design;" each of which are far, far lower in my list. This clearly tells you how consumers think about custom designed jewelry.

3. In third place, was my grouping of all retail jewelry store names. I group together all jewelry store names I find report on them as a single phrase. Usually this is in first place, and I'm surprised to see it in 3rd.

4. Also slipping down in popularity is my grouping of all designer names. Consumers do search for designer names, so no matter who you carry in your store, you should have at least a page about them on your website, it's even better to have an entire section of your product catalog dedicated to them. Please don't just slap a designer logo on your site and link that to the designer site, that will never bring you business, and in the long run it will just lead to your demise.

5. I was a little surprised by the "estate jewelry" keyword phrase moving up to 5th place this year. Although this is always in the top list of popular phrases, it's gaining in popularity. Perhaps this is just the growing awareness that many jewelers who once bought "scrap" gold off the street are now putting those old items into their showcases.

6. Next in the list is "antique jewelry," which obviously is similar to "estate jewelry." Keep in mind that not everyone thinks the same way, and the words estate, antique, and vintage are used interchangeably by many people.

7. Next in the list was the phrase "jewelry stores." I do find it interesting that, here in a desktop search, more people are not typing in "jewelry stores {town name}," but the {town name} variation of this search query is 6 steps lower in the top ranking. This seems like an odd trend to me because, it's one thing to assume that Google knows the geolocation of your mobile device, it's completely different for Google to figure out where your desktop computer is located. Regardless, it seems fewer people are using town names in their store searches.

8. Although, when it comes to town names the next popular keyword was "engagement rings {town name}." Perhaps people care less about a jewelry store for general needs, but would rather find a local jeweler when it comes time to buy their engagement ring. That's certainly food for thought and marketing planning.

9. Another off the wall random keyword comes in next... "jewelry." It's very hard to rank for a single word search query unless you have some kind of digital connection with the person searching. The only other single word I see in my desktop list is "jewelers," but that's way down in 66th place.

10. Next up, in tenth place, is "{designer name} watches." I lumped all the watch brands into this group. Again, if you want your website to rank for the brands of watches you carry, you must have information about that brand on your site. Oh, and a little hint, that stupid Rolex logo in the top right corner of your header is useless for your ranking. I realize all authorized Rolex dealers are required to have it, but that doesn't help with your ranking. You have to also SAY you have them.

11. The phrase "charm jewelry" managed to bubble up to eleventh place. Say whatever you want about charms, the right brand will bring you a ton of business once you start pushing it in your marketing.

12. Once again, the word custom appears in the top list. Here in twelfth place we have "custom engagement rings {town name}." Here, we have a little more insight into how consumers search for their custom needs, and in this case they are looking for custom made engagement rings in specific towns, probably their home town.

Popular Mobile Phrases

1. The phrase "vintage engagement rings" also appeared in first place for mobile searches, but not by much!

2. In second place, biting the heels of "vintage engagement rings," is the phrase "jewelry design." I'll make a guess as to why this is so popular on smartphones, and that guess is the visual impact of social media. Perhaps people are seeing rings on social media and immediately coming up with ideas for their own ring. Also, all this keyword reporting is based on the number of search impressions, not clicks; however, I do have to say that "jewelry design" is the first place winner for getting the clicks on smartphones. Those of you not offering custom design services in your store are already behind on the growing trend.

3. The grouping of specific jewelry store names also came in third on smartphones.

4. Next up was "engagement rings {town name}," a higher place ranking than desktop.

5. My grouping of designer names comes in next. I have to assume that if someone is searching for a designer line of jewelry from their smartphone, then they are looking for a local store that carried it. You need written content on your website for every designer you carry if you want to capture these on-the-move customers.

6. The single word "jewelry" appeared in this mobile list as number six. This general search makes sense to me since the user trusts their phone's GPS to cross reference to Google and return the closest store.

Popular Tablet Phrases

1. In first place, once again, is the phrase "vintage engagement rings." In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is a pretty hot phrase, and therefore a hot marketing term to be promoting right now.

2. In second place, we have the grouping of all store names.

3. Slipping to third place in this category is the phrase "jewelry design."

4. In fourth place, we have my grouping of those designer names.

5. Next up is the phrase "estate jewelry." Did you notice that I didn't mention this phrase in the top mobile list? Oddly, this phrase ranks all the way down at 46 for mobile searches. The related phrase "antique jewelry" ranks in 7th place for tablet searches, but down in 48th place for mobile.

6. Once again, the single word "jewelry" appeared in sixth place, and I assume it was with continued trust that their GPS was working correctly.

Keyword Conclusions

I could go on for days giving you clues and my own reasons why I'm seeing the keyword data I've collection, but I can't do all your work for you. Eventually, you have to do your own keyword research and analysis, or hire someone to help you with it.

Let me know if you have specific keyword questions about anything I've presented, or if you'd like me to look for something specific. I'm also willing to generate private reports for specific keyword topics to kick start your own needs. Just let me know.

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