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Friday, September 16, 2011

How Jeweler Should Use Bold and Italic in E-Commerce

This Daily Golden Nugget will demonstrate one possible way to use the HTML 5 tags of <b>, <strong>, <i>, and <em>. If you missed the previous two nuggets you should check them out before reading this one.

Previous Nugget on <b> vs. <strong>:
Previous Nugget on <i> vs. <em>:

The product detail page on every jewelry e-commerce website has some sort of table presentation of information. Usually it shows the metal type, carat total weight, diamond shape, etc.

Here a full example of typical information found on a jewelry product detail page:

14k White Gold 0.85ct Diamond Engagement Ring (this is the item title)
The center diamond is included with this sophisticated three-stone cathedral engagement ring that features two...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bold vs. Strong HTML Example for Jewelers

We are in the middle of a week of Daily Golden Nuggets all relating to the hardships jewelers will face when we are all forced to use the up and coming HTML 5 technology.

On Monday this week we talked about web browsers and how their advancements are forcing us to make changes.

On Tuesday this week we told you about a few common HTML programming tags that are being phased out and gave you a clues how to protect yourself.

Today we are going to explain the difference between the 2 different ways you can bold words on your page, and give you solid examples that you, the jewelry store owner will understand.

As an introduction, let's begin with the tags themselves. We have the "Bold Tag" and the "Strong Tag," and in their default functionality both will make words bold on your web page.

Here's what they look...

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