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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Advantages of Getting a New Jewelry Website

Yesterday we answered a question posed by one of our readers. She wanted to know the disadvantages or drawbacks of replacing her current jewelry website with a brand new one. We couldn't quite think of specific disadvantages so instead we wrote out 3 hurdles in the website redesign and programming process.

Today we'd like to give you 3 specific advantages to having your jewelry website redesigned and replaced. We could probably list 100 reasons, but we're simply going to pick the top 3 we feel are important today.

With a new website comes a new design; at least we hope you will get a new design!

In the real world, we can each identify building architecture from different periods. Many of us can easily identify building and interior decorating styles from our own lifetime. Can you remember the late 1960's? ...

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Can Your Website Be Simplified?

In the past, we've said that your website doesn't need to meet the standards for web programming set forth by the W3C organization. W3C creates the guidelines for the perfect world of the web, and they are pretty tough to meet.

In general, you should try your best to follow their guidelines because they result in cleanly programmed websites that work well with web browsers and search engines. The W3C guidelines also help us all to achieve faster websites, mobile websites, and an overall faster internet.

If ever a website were to "go green" by today's standards, it would be to follow the W3C standards.

However, it's easy to lose sight of those guidelines if you are programming your own website, using a content management system or even a program like Dreamweaver. You might even want to throw those guidelines out the...

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Website Is So Fat!

In years past, there were two different types of web programmers: the organized ones and the sloppy ones.

We're not talking about their desk, cubical, or car; no, in fact we're talking about their techniques in writing programming code.

The organized programmer would make sure all their HTML code was properly organized (we call it nested) and easy to read. Being organized always takes more time, but it saves time in the future when you need to edit code.

The sloppy programmer would slap together HTML code without any regard for organization. Many times they would also write bad or broken code that would not display properly in all web browsers. Debugging sloppy code is always a nightmare.

Luckily programs like Dreamweaver can take sloppy code and automatically organize it into something easily understood. VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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