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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Understanding The Different Types Of Search Intent

Understanding The Different Types Of Search Intent daily-golden-nugget-1188-87
Evolution, it's nature's way of subtly changing things so the next generation will continue to survive and thrive. But it's not just nature that changes things for the better, it's how we all live, learn, and change things around us for the better.

The engineers over at Google are constantly trying to improve and evolve their search engine algorithm to better understand what information is being published online and how that information will be used. Sometimes the information we...

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Good is Your Spelling?

Google has incorporated a massive dictionary into their functionality. After years of watching users, they were able to take that dictionary and create an automatic spelling correction feature called "Did You Mean."

The "Did you mean" feature showed up in November 2008, and it has a profound impact on SEO. Let's investigate why...

Whenever Google recognizes what it decides may be a misspelling, it will not return search results for that misspelling, instead it will correct the spelling and display a message saying "Showing results for {corrected spelling}. Search instead for {incorrect spelling}." This is a failsafe in case you really were searching for something with that incorrect (read: unpopular) spelling.

Prior to this automatic spelling correction, it was important to include misspellings on your website just...

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

There's a New Search Engine:

Today's Daily Gold Nugget is sort of an "FYI." We want to make sure you are aware of a new emerging technology that may impact your bottom line eventually if it catches on.

After rumors and reviews from some initial 8,000 beta testers, yesterday, November 1, 2010 the new search engine opened to the public.

In the past 30 days, we've measured all inbound search engine traffic for the jewelry websites we host. Here are our results:
Google 69%
Yahoo 17%
Bing 10%
AOL 2%
Ask 1%
Search 1%

Google has clear dominance for creating inbound traffic for jewelry stores. That's why we don't bother providing SEO services or analyzing SEO results from other search engines. We also know that if you strive for organic search excellence in Google, your efforts will also...

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