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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Latest Organic Search Engine Results

Latest Organic Search Engine Results 668-daily-golden-nugget-989
In yesterday's Daily Golden Nugget, I reviewed the most recent data for the device usage and browser usage with regard to jewelry websites. Today, I'm looking at the organic traffic that brings those users to a retail jeweler's website.

Google is the undisputed champion for search. They provide more than 84% of the organic search traffic referred to jewelry websites. I wanted t...

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Call Your Email Newsletter a Newsletter

A year ago (Aug 17, 2010) Wired Magazine published an article detailing how "The Web is Dead." It came with a fancy chart that shows how websites are fading away as peer-to-peer (i.e. social networking) and videos are taking over. Take a look:

We just want to mention this because it did create quite a bit of hubbub in the internet marketing world and the data does not correspond to other reputable sources like If you look at that chart it actually shows you that email is also dead; even more dead than the web!

It's not true; email is far from dead.

Email is very much a viable form of communication and marketing; in fact, the summer of 2011 marks the 40th birthday of email.

If you haven...

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Black Friday Preparations

It's that time of year again; time to start preparing your website for the Holiday Season.

Christmas is just about 6 months away from this week and already people are starting to search online for holiday gifts.

Since 2009, Google's been compiling data about holiday shopping experiences and then publishing it through We're grabbing some of the important information and giving it to you with key takeaways. Unless otherwise noted, all the data presented here comes directly from Google's reports for retail stores.

From August 2009 through December 2009, Google surveyed to find out when people had started their online research. 44% of those surveyed said they started the process before August 30th that year.

Actual holiday purchasi...

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Monday, December 27, 2010

We LOVE our Facebook Fans

One of the effective ways Facebook was used during the holiday 2010 season was by offering deals to your Facebook Business page fans.

According to a comScore survey, social media accounted for 33% of the buying influence in December. Within that one-third percentage surveyed, 9% said they were watching Facebook Business pages for deals, and another 9% said they were watching their friend's status updates for deals.

To tap into this small, but growing, market you need to understand the different strategies you could use. The easiest to implement is creating an Event on Facebook.

Throughout December, we saw dozens of jewelry stores creating events that were simply called "10% off for all Facebook Fans!" Actually the percentage varied, but that was the general idea.

To do the same, you simply need to create an ...

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Some Holiday Season 2010 Statistics

We're not going to talk about anything new today. Instead, we wanted to share industry statistics and our own findings for this 2010 holiday season. Everything reported is for online sales or statistics.

These statistics were reported from
Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25) $407M, up 28%
Black Friday (Nov. 26) $648M, up 9%
Cyber Monday (Nov. 29) $1,028M (that's a Billion!) 16%
Green Monday (Dec. 13) $954, up 12%
Free Shipping Day (Dec. 17) $942M, up 61%

The week of December 17 (Free Shipping Day) saw 52.7% of online transactions with free shipping. comScore also reported that there was a greater trend for online buyers to wait until Free Shipping Day before making the final sale. This is a clear indication that free shipping is a deal winner when selling online. VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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