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Monday, April 18, 2011

Maintain Your Anonymity

Everyone hates spam.

Ask someone for their cell phone number and they immediately think you will send them spam text messages.

Ask someone for their email address and they immediately think you will waste their time and send spam emails.

The internet gets clogged with spam emails every day. We directly track and block about 75% of email traffic every day because it's all spam.

Google has a dedicated department to fight "Web Spam" and all things that cause any type of digital interaction that will annoy people. This team helps to control the built in filters that block troublesome websites.

One of the things they watch out for are websites that plainly show email addresses. Freely posting your email address as will invite spam. Malicious email com...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Over Optimization is a Euphemism for Spammy

The term "web spam" has been mentioned in many official blogs recently. Actually, the term seems to be mentioned every few months when someone complains about it, reawakens the topic.

In reality, "web spam" refers to a web page that is made up entirely of clusters of similar words that looks like gibberish.

Here's EXAMPLE 1 of web spam:

"We sell engagement ring the best selection of engagement rings is in our jewelry showcase you will find the best bridal engagement rings at our store women should look here for a variety of wedding engagement ring selections available nowhere else but our jewelry showcase in our engagement ring store where we have the best jewelry and diamond rings you could ever expect from an online jewelry store."

All of the search engines have implemented filtering to prevent you from eve...

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