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Thursday, May 12, 2011

YouTube Annotations

You can record a video and put it on YouTube in a single afternoon if you really wanted to. But this next topic is a more serious approach to online marketing.

YouTube gives you the ability to add annotations into your video and to create interactive experiences between your video and the viewer.

Specifically, the annotations can be used to add pop-up information, provide links to related videos, create quick subtitles and to spotlight areas of a video. We're not going to specifically tell you how to add annotations; you would have to read through the YouTube directions for that. Although, to get to the Annotations tab you first need to go into the edit setting for the video, then simply click the word Annotations in the top list of available tabs.

YouTube has several ways to add pop-up information and links to a v...

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Socializing Your YouTube Videos: Part 1

Last week, we explained how to optimize your YouTube videos for the search engine. Today we're reviewing the settings that allow your videos to be used socially.

*Video Thumbnail:
After YouTube finishes processing your video, they will randomly select 3 frames from the video and provide them as options for the video thumbnail. This is the thumbnail you see in the SERP, within all the YouTube pages, and as the still frame before the user presses the play button.

Of the 3 options YouTube gives you, select the one that is most compelling.

There are three privacy options for your video. Most of the time, you want to set your videos as Public since that's the setting you need if you want users to find you in the SERP.

The Unlisted setting allows you to upload a video and share the video with any...

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