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"The Jewelry SEO Information Was Priceless!"
Live Event 1, recorded March 5-7, 2010

Blanche Schmidt
Schmidt Jewelers
Arkansas City, KS

Bold promises and breaking ground with everything we do for "Our Jewelers!"

Bringing you training on topics long before other jewelry organizations!

We recorded all 19 training sessions and the cameras kept rolling for the completely unscripted sessions that took place between official training and during lunch each day.

In total there are about 21 hours of video from the 3 day event!

Multi-Disc DVD recording available NOW!

Action Packed Live Event 1 DVD set contains:
  • Explaining why the retail jeweler needs to spread themselves thin on the internet.
  • Understanding the technology behind the Google Superbowl Commercial
  • Social Networking with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Selling Online
    • Who are the big players?
    • How are they advertising?
    • What are they paying?
    • What money are they making?
    • Writing Good Product Descriptions
    • Attention-Getting Jewelry Photography
  • Understanding Pay Per Click
  • AdWords Primer explaining the Embedded Keyword Type
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Filename of your page
    • Domain Name
    • Header Tags
    • Links to and from your site
    • Unique Content
    • Anchor Test of Links
    • Quality of Links
    • Quality of Linking Site
    • Diversity of Domain Names
    • Understanding Google PageRank
  • Keyword Research
    • Understanding How-To Read Keyword Eye
    • Using Google Search-based Keyword tool
    • Extensive Review of jWAG's Own Keyword Research (we even discovered some things during the review!)
  • Easy Google Analytics Walk Through
  • Setting Up Google Alerts
  • Jewelry Website Design Reviews
  • Many Design Tips
  • Many Content Management Editing Tips
  • 18 Case Studies using Heatmap Technology
  • Website Content Ideas and Why Your "About Us" Information is Important
  • Link Building, what is it, why is it important and how to do it
  • Building Your Email List
  • Exact Steps to use Your Email List to Test Paper Ads
  • Recommendations of Email List Management
  • Step by Step How to Market Your Events Online
  • Specific Examples of How to Use Events to Attract New Customers
  • Learning How to Use Greeting Cards for Customer Loyalty Retention
  • Deadly Flash Websites: Specific Examples of how 100% Flash Websites zeroed out 100% of SEO Ranking
  • Step by Step Walk Through of Google Insights and Google Trends. Learning to use these 2 tools to determine the value of a jewelry designer or vendor, and whether to carry them in your store.
  • Jewelry Website Don'ts for 2010
Click Here to Download the FULL outline from the entire weekend.

Preview of Writing Unique Content

Using Google Insights to test Mark Schneider Designs

Jacques Sollberger
Sollberger Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
Ridgeland MS

John S Cryan, III
John S Cryan Jewelers
Southampton, PA


GUARANTEE: If you don't feel the DVD is the best value for the money, we will be happy to return your money once you ship the DVD set back to us.

We're confident our training will help you develop and maintain the best jewelry website without the need to hire someone to do it for you. We also want you to learn internet marketing techniques for jewelry websites.

You may think that simply buying a jewelry website template is the right thing to do, but there is so much more to it than simply getting a jewelry website designed using a template and slapping in some information. You need to maintain the website, give it personality and have it grow and come to life over time.

Working on your jewelry website design is not something that you should take lightly. On DVD disc 3 of our how-to course, you will find out about a design heatmap technique that helps anyone figure out if a website design is going to be a failure or not.

The 21 hour how-to set is sure to lead you down the right track for starting your new jewelry website, a new jewelry web design, or just wanting to improve your jewelry SEO efforts. And if you are not fully satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.

Oh, and shipping *IS* included in the $1097.00 price.

The only thing you have to lose is the 21 hours it will take to sit and watch the DVDs! We provide internet marketing for jewelers that you will not find anywhere else. We guarantee it.