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Holiday 2010 Run-up

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Decline of Three Stone Diamond Rings

Just a few years ago everyone was talking about "Three Stone Diamond" jewelry, rings being the popular item.

Here's my latest findings:

It looks like the promotional value of the phrase "Three Stone Diamond Rings" has dropped drastically since 2004.

This chart below show Google Insights of the trend:

But when you look at this search trend you see something different:

My conclusion is that while DPS was heavily promoting the "Three" Stone Diamond Ring it created top of mind awareness of the phrase and people would search for it.

Once the promoting stopped, so did the awareness of the spelled out number 3.

The second chart shows less search volume for "3 stone diamond ring" but it's interesting to note that it's more consistent over time with spikes each holiday season.

Conclusion: In your advertising and SEO efforts transition from
"three stone diamond ring" to
"3 stone diamond ring"

Just a thought.
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