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Perhaps we were living under a rock and that's why we didn't know this.

Doing some research over the last few days we discovered something that we admit we should have known about. We're willing to admit when we make mistakes so we're openly publishing it since it's big enough news.

There's a continual argument regarding the support of Flash on website. Some web programmers love Flash, others hate it. To use Flash, or not to use Flash on your website? It's a heated debate akin to the typical arguments between the Republican and Democratic political parties in the United States.

Web programmers waited many years for Apple to come to an agreement with Adobe so the iPhone could display Flash sites. But we were all crushed on April 29, 2010 when Apple announced it would never support Flash, but that's old news and not what today's Nugget is about.

What we discovered is that Microsoft's latest 64-bit Internet Explorer web browser renders older Flash websites inactive. Instead of seeing the Flash animation, or a request to install the Flash component a Red X appears.

We found this utterly shocking. Right under our noses Microsoft is invalidating Flash websites and forcing you to fix what's not broken. All new computers with Windows 7 come default with IE 64-bit enabled, and that means all new computer users and computer upgrades will have this problem.

Your solution: Give your web designer a call. Make sure they have "Adobe CS5," and ask them to simply re-render your website. We don't think it will take more than that, but it also depends how complex your Flash interaction is.

By the way, just because your website was created within in the last 12 months does not mean you are safe. The problem is with Flash rendering and display techniques created from older versions of Adobe Flash software. If your web designer is not using CS5, you're in trouble.
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