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QDF: For Jeweler's Eyes Only.

Today I'm going to outline a very specific strategy for celebrity blogging. This is an over-the-top strategy may require a person working full time on website marketing and blogging.

This strategy requires an acute awareness of the entertainment industry, and it will help you attract many visitors to you website very fast.

When many people suddenly search for the same phrase it triggers a Google algorithm called "Query Deserves Freshness" or QDF. Because of QDF Google is able to provide search results with the most recently found web pages, instead of web pages that have good jewelry SEO ranking.

With QDF, the time stamp of the web page is more important than the long term value of the page. Most of the time the Google QDF algorithm allows us to find breaking news headlines, but you can use it as a new marketing tool to attract new website visitors every time a celebrity gets engaged.

QDF has long been a topic of interest by website marketers. If only it were possible to capture QDF that would benefit your own industry, and use it to attract visitors. What I've outlined below is a strategy is so unique that every other industry would be jealous if every jewelry store actually started doing this.

Here's your directions to capture QDF for the jewelry industry, *AND* it's reproducible.

Step 1:
You need to start monitoring these websites. These sites all provide breaking news about celebrity engagements. I suggest setting up Google Alerts for the domain name with other word combinations. For example, you could set p an alert for " engage" or " ring."

Send those Google Alerts to your smartphone.

Step 2:
You need to be able to blog quickly. Since celebrity news can break any time day or night, you can't assume you always have access to a computer to post a blog. Therefore, you need to become acquainted with blogging through your smartphone.

My recommendation will always be to blog on your own website, so test your website blog posting ability through your phone.

This might be one of those times where available smartphone apps for blogging are actually more convenient than what you would have for you own site. These apps include Posterous and Tumblr.

Step 3:
The next time a celebrity gets engaged you need to stop what you are doing, read the current posts, then provide your input on the topic as a jeweler.

As I've found, engagements large and small create wild interest in what the ring looked like. Your trained jeweler's eye should recognize the style of the ring even before popular press does.

You would write about that style, similar styles, and how to go about getting a copy of the ring made (presumably in your store). Make sure you mention the celebrity's name, the date of the engagement, location of the engagement or first announcement, and anything else that other reporters have already said.

The golden rule of "new content" still applies, so whatever you write needs to be in your own words. Since your words are that of an expert jeweler, you should have plenty more to say about the engagement ring than a regular reporter.

Step 4:
In each blog post you should include links into your product catalog or to other engagement ring educational pages on your site. You could also experiment with banners for "limited time sales" that you include on those blog posts.

Prepare a few different banner ads that with your most creative headlines, but don't include any dates in those graphics. When you have a chance to use them just make sure to include a caption that says "Sale through {insert date}."

Step 5:
As soon as your blog is posted you need to share it on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a good reason to finally activate your Google+ account since there's no faster feed into Google Search than posting this into Google+.

The QDF effect will fade within 24 or 48 hours. Sometimes there can be a secondary bump which occurs when the engagement announcement is first made, but the ring isn't revealed. The second bump occurs when a photo of the ring is finally available.

So there you have it, a reproducible method of taking advantage of Google's Query Deserves Freshness.
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