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Understanding Your Bounce Rate

Understanding Your Bounce Rate 8031-daily-golden-nugget-731What do the following things have in common: kangaroos, shock absorbers, Silly Putty, ping pong balls, checks, and Tigger? The answer is that they all bounce. Kangaroos bounce off the ground, checks bounce off your bank account balance, and Tigger, well he bounces off everything. Of course then there's the "bounce rate" for your website.

A website bounce rate is the percentage of people who found your website in search results, clicked over to your site, but then left your website without clicking on a second page.

Here are some reasons someone might look at one page of your website then immediately leave:

1. You website looks ugly. People like looking at attractive websites.
2. Your website is slow. You need a faster server or software.
3. Your website doesn't look good on their mobile device. Responsive, mobile, or not?
4. Your website isn't what they expected because your jewelry SEO was misleading.
5. Your blog is poorly written.
6. Your blog answered their question too quickly or sent them away to read more, somewhere else.
7. You don't have a jewelry product catalog so they have nothing to look at.
8. Your website didn't match the visual expectations of what the person was looking for. You website might look beautiful, but their preconceived idea prevented them from looking deep into your site.

All the reports in Google Analytics will show the bounce rate for that given report. My measurements show an industry average of 47% bounce rate for jewelry stores. The 8 factors I mentioned above vary greatly, but they all contribute to increasing or decreasing your bounce rate daily, weekly, and seasonally.

Many times the bounce rate will depend on the type of content you have on your site and how people primarily find you. Here are some interesting numbers:

* 50% or more bounce rate for jewelry e-commerce sites relying heavily on paid Google AdWords

* 25% approximate bounce rate for jewelry e-commerce sites relying heavily on visitors from social media.

* 88% approximate bounce rate for blog websites use to attract only organic visitors.

* 47% or more bounce rate for jewelry e-commerce sites relying on organic visitor traffic.

The above mentioned average of 47% would apply to all other non-ecommerce and blog websites.

As a long term goal you should work with your website and online marketing companies to identify and correct which of the above 8 items is increasing your bounce rate. Identifying this will require a deep analysis of how people find your website online, and what they do when they get to your site. Once you figure that out you will have to do some trial and error A/B testing of the landing pages of your site.

Lowering the bounce rate of your website is not an easy task. It's time consuming and requires analysis of many aspects of your visitors and your website.

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