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Using Facebook Photo Albums for Your Website's SEO

Using Facebook Photo Albums for Your Websites SEO 7395-daily-golden-nugget-641Since we're at the beginning of a new year, I'd like to share a new designer line marketing strategy that ties together your website and your Facebook Page.

A few months ago, I noticed that Google is including Facebook Photo Albums in search results. After a few months of testing I've come up with a method whose primary purpose is to help you grow your website visitor traffic but this will also grow engagements between you and your Facebook Likes.

In other words, this is a hot off the press, brand new jewelry SEO strategy for you.

This Nugget assumes that you know how to manage your Facebook Page. If you don't regularly manage your page then you should pass this on to the person who does. The steps explained herein assume you are using a desktop computer. I'm going to use the example of creating a photo album for Barry Verragio and his Verragio jewelry.

To get started with this SEO strategy, you need to go into the Photos area of your Facebook Page. At the time of this writing, the layout of the Facebook Timeline layout includes 4 icons showing your "Favorites." The first of those 4 Favorites is the icon for your Photo albums. Click on that.

From within the Photos area you need to create a dedicated Album for each of your jewelry designers. Click on the tab at the top that says "Albums" to view the albums you have set up. You will probably see a few albums with titles like "Profile Pictures," "Cover Photos," and "Timeline Photos."

Click on the button at the top of the screen that says [+ Add Photos] to activate a pop-up window that allows you to choose photos. Then select your first Verragio jewelry photo from your hard drive.

As the first photo is uploading, you will notice the top of your screen has a field with the words "Untitled Album" in it. You should type Verragio Jewelry" in that field. Below title is another field for the description of the album. For this example you should include at least 2 sentences describing the Verragio brand and the website URL for the dedicated Verragio page on your website.

When the photo finishes uploading you will have the option to write a caption for it.

Many people upload photos to Facebook, but few take the time to carefully consider the captions they include. I suggest you write unique details about the jewelry and include the website URL that points to the exact product catalog page for each photo you upload. If the product catalog page is unavailable then you should include the URL to a descriptive designer page on your website.

Facebook also give you the ability to include where the photos were taken. You need to set that to the town name for your jewelry store.

This SEO strategy does not work unless you take the time to write captions for each jewelry photo and a long description for the photo album. The album description and each photo needs a link back to your website. Don't use the same description that you have on the product catalog page, otherwise that duplicate content will count against your SEO and not towards it.

You can include as many photos as you'd like in these photo albums. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it. There is no need to share these photos with anyone since this new album will be set to Public and it will appear in your Timeline by default.

Google will eventually find this new public photo album and it will be included in local search results for Verragio jewelry in your home town.
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