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Show Your Smarts in the Community

Online marketing is not always about finding the right ads, or expensive photography, or search engine optimization, or even the right online marketing company.

Another important part of online marketing is simply you; your personality and your time--oh, and your communication skills.

It's time to brush up on your typing and online communication skills, because that's what today's Daily Golden Nugget is all about.

There are hundreds of various local online forums that you can get involved with. Here are some forums that we know of that you could get involved with today:

1. Local Chamber of Commerce community forum websites
2. Your bank's website may have local forums
3. American Express has online forums

Although Facebook is technically not an online forum, you can use it as one to interact with your local community. Of course, you don't just have to look for forums related to small businesses or retail jewelers. You could look for online forums about your hobbies, parenting, or travel. The goal is to find some online venue where you can participate.

Then create an account and get involved. DO NOT SELL! Participation in online community forums is not for selling. Instead, you are presenting yourself and your point of view. When the opportunity arises, you should talk about your business and what you do. You could also include your website address in your signature.

The goal is to get people to notice you (in a good way) and to talk about you. Getting involved in local forums means you are reaching out and telling the community you are there. Random people who otherwise would never find you are exposed to your personality, your knowledge, and occasionally some information about your products and services.

This is not a full time job, nor should you worry about wasting time on forums every day. Check in once in a while, perhaps on weekends. Read. Answer questions. Post questions. Interact.

Before you know it people will be linking to your website and eventually someone will walk in the door saying "Wow, John! Nice to meet you! I was reading your post on that website this week, and I feel I can trust you so I came in." That might seem cheesy, or contrived, but believe us it's not.

Neither your website nor you are islands. Get involved online somehow and reap real, lasting rewards.
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