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Shrub? You Need an Online Persona

Do you have a personality? That a serious question. Are you a shrub or do you happily greet each and every customer that walks into your jewelry store?

Chances are that shrubs don't make for good entrepreneurs and they wouldn't be in business long. It's doubtful that you would employ a shrub to work in your store either since they certainly do not make for good jewelers.

Let's face it, it's not the price of the jewelry that matters; it's the customer service with a smile that convinces someone that they cannot live without the fine jewelry you're selling. Your personality closes the sale and you need to allow yourself to write your blog entries using that same personality.

Some people create different aliases and new personas for themselves online. Does "J.J. Smith" actually work for you or is that just an online alias you use because you are embarrassed and don't want people to know who's actually writing your blogs?

If you are afraid of technology and created an alias for anonymity and to hide your digital footprint, well, you're living in the wrong century for that. When someone calls or walks in asking for "J.J." what would you say to them? You better believe this will happen once your blog proliferates.

If you don't want the attention then your alternative to blogging is to pay for online advertising. This is a much more expensive method as I explained yesterday.

Putting your personality into a blog post may be difficult at first. Your natural way of speaking includes pauses, stops, hyphenations, and colloquialisms. Until you feel confident in your writing style, you should have someone read each of your blog entries out loud to you before you post them.

Beginner bloggers usually have a difficult time realizing that they should be including commas or other punctuation more often in their writings (as my own editor always tells me). This reading aloud exercise will help you learn how to turn your blog posts into true extensions of yourself, and your expertise.

Some SEO guys will tell you that you "need to create an online persona" for yourself, but in reality that's the same as this process of figuring out how to clearly convert your personality into a written form.

Every time you post a blog entry, to Facebook, Google+, or to Twitter you should be using this online persona, and stick to it. Customers who already know you will appreciate your blog posts if you can translate your charm, wit, and attitude into a written form.

On the other hand, new customers who read your entries will feel very comfortable with you in person when they realize your online persona is a true extension of the person standing before them.

Your blog writing style will not appear overnight. Don't give up on it... or hire someone to do it for you
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