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Blog Hand Holding for Jewelers

Today I'd like to hold your hand (virtually I guess) as I lead you through the exact steps of how-to take a blog post from another website and creatively use it for your own jewelry store.

Let's start with a revisit to the JIC website. As of this writing, on their website they have a page about Engagement Ring Trends. Here's the URL: If you're following along for the actual Golden Nugget lesson then you should open that URL in another tab then keep reading.

That JIC page covers 3 engagement ring trends:
1. Fancy Shaped Diamonds
2. Romantic Vintage Inspiration
3. Brilliant Color

You would start your own blog post with a reference to their website, perhaps saying something like...

"The JIC recently posted the latest information about celebrity engagement ring styles. You can read it _here_, but we'd like to give you a brief rundown of what they said and show you examples of those celebrity trends."

I'm indicating the word _here_ with underscores because that's the word you want to link to their original blog post.

You would then proceed to summarize each of the 3 topics, and provide additional links and photos. The JIC doesn't provide any photos, so this is a great opportunity for you to both summarize their post and make it more interesting for readers.

Starting with the topic of fancy shaped diamonds you could say something like...

"Round diamonds are what most people think about when it comes to engagement rings, but the JIC brings our attention to a few celebrities that announced their engagement with a "fancy" shaped diamond. These celebrities are not afraid to do something different and shouldn't either."

"Ellen Pompeo and Eva Longoria both have an _emerald_cut_diamond_ in their engagement rings. Victoria Beckham has a _marquis_diamond_ in her ring. Here at Perosi Jewelers we have several fine selections available for those diamond cuts."

In the above 2 paragraphs I've slightly restated exactly what JIC said, but more briefly. I'm also indicating _emerald_cut_diamond_ and _marquis_diamond_ as links. For each of those you should link to one of your own products on your own website.

I do have to provide a caution about product linking. Most likely you will delete a listed product sometime in the future, and when you do you will break this blog links. Broken links are bad for website reputation, so if you don't want to police your blog links then you could link to something different.

Instead of linking to a direct product, you could link to an educational page about emerald cut diamonds and marquis diamonds. Another option is to have your website programmer create a landing page that pulls only emerald diamond rings, and marquis diamond rings to a specific landing pages. Both of those methods will prevent future broken links.

Moving on to the next section of the JIC post, you could say something like...

"Many new styles are inspired by the romantic and ornately designed vintage engagement rings. Vintage style rings are often a portrayal of the person's passion, optimism, and hints toward the hopeless romantic."

"Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Love Hewitt both adore the same _vintage_styles_ that we are proud to carry here at Perosi Jewelers."

Again, in this example above you would link the words _vintage_styles_ to a single product, an educational page, or a special landing page on your website.

If you're reading along from the original JIC post you will see that I've mentioned the same things that JIC mentioned. However, I've only reused the topics I felt could serve my personal needs. I've also included internal link building to help my own website's Google ranking.

There's one last topic, Brilliant Color, but I'm going to leave that for your own imagination to figure out.

Go ahead and get started with this same exact JIC post and give this exercise a try for yourself. Then make sure you post your blog either to my FB page or the jWAG FB page. or
AT: 07/19/2012 11:03:14 PM   LINK TO THIS GOLD NUGGET
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