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Ugh! More discussion about link building...

I'm sorry if the link building topic seems like such a well covered topic of late. The Google Penguin filter has everyone up in arms about link building and if SEO was killed by the Penguin.

SEO is not dead, and neither is link building. In fact blog writing is one of the best ways to keep building quality links back to your website, or from your internal blog to other pages within your site.

I say that jewelers should use blog writing for 3 reasons:
1. Build website content to illustrate expertise and to soft sell.
2. Build content to attract organic visitors.
3. Build links to internal pages of your website.

The first 2 items on that list happen automatically when you write a blog. The 3rd item requires extra work on your part, but you can't post a blog and NOT link to something on your website. Otherwise you are defeating most of the reason you're blogging in the first place.

From within your blog post you should include links to other pages of your site. Sometimes those pages are other bog posts, sometimes they are simple content pages (like About Us), and sometimes you should be linking to products.

When you link to another page you wouldn't just include the long URL to that page. Instead you would use your blogging program to highlight a few words and attack the URL to those words. Those words become your link "anchor text." Each blogging program will have a slightly different way to activate the link and anchor text.

The anchor text words you choose are very important. The Google Penguin filter penalized many websites where they used the same 3 word anchor text over and over again. From my own findings, I see that Penguin was especially malicious to sites used 3 word anchor text for more than 50% of their internal linking.

In a single blog post you might mention something about fashion, something about newly arrived items, and something about a set of fine sterling silver earrings you have in the store.

Your fashion topic might be about the latest Debbie Brooks handbag. You might be tempted to use the 3 word phrase "Debbie Brooks handbag" as the anchor text, but to protect from Penguin filtering you probably should only link the word "handbag." Alternatively you could use the word "fashion" instead.

When referring to "newly arrived items" you could link those 3 words to a special page that shows photos of each item and a description. Perhaps that's even another blog post.

When you talk about your "fine sterling silver earrings" you don't want to link that 4 word phrase, or even the 3 word phrase "sterling silver earrings." If you overuse linking using the 3 word phrase you would defiantly attract attention from Google Penguin. So avoid it all together and just link the word "earrings" to the actual product detail page for those earrings.

Throughout each blog post you should always look for extra places where you can link to content on your website. You should also share the wealth by linking to other websites every once in a while. You could link to Facebook, Google+, another blog, news website, or a website for another local store. Avoid linking to Wikipedia or other "Wiki" sites because it shows no imagination and because this is a typical black hat SEO tactic.

In closing, I suggest that you have at least 3 different links in each blog post. Sometimes you use your important keyword phrases as anchor text, but most of the time you should use innocuous words like "click here," or "go here," or any other random single word.
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