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Jewelers Can Beat the Writer's Block

Some people have the "Gift of Gab," and some just don't. Knowing what to say and when to say it can make or break your popularity, and surprisingly it's the same way with Google.

Official directions from Google always say to post new content to your website. It's the new, fresh content that attracts attention. But for most jewelers there's only so many ways you can talk about diamonds, the 4 C's, diamond rings, and birthstones before the topics are beaten to death.

So instead of beating that same old horse in your blog posts, you need to look for alternative things to talk about on a regular basis.

Here are 2 ideas to prevent writers block while writing blog posts for jewelry stores.

Red Carpet Events - Keep a lookout for any celebrity or local event that generates a lot of hoopla. Although these events might not actually have a "red carpet," they are usually characterized by a large backdrop covered with many logos. That's where the celebrities will stop for photos and to give interviews.

For your blogging purposes, you will need photos of clothing styles and matching jewelry. With those photos you'll be able to write an opinion blog explaining what type of jewelry the celebrity was wearing, if you carry something like it in the store, and if it was even a good choice of jewelry or not.

This type of blog will attract the considerable organic search traffic from people interested in that celebrity, and it connects you to that celebrity.

Photos of red carpet events are posted online daily. Be on the lookout for entertainment news via OMG on Yahoo and

Magazine Commentary - Get yourself a copy of a current fashion magazine and look through it for clothing and jewelry styles. Flipping through the latest issue of W Magazine, I see several larger than life photos of watches, oversized necklaces, designer fine jewelry, and bracelets.

As a jewelry professional, what do those jewelry photos say to you when you see them? Do they remind you of styles from yesteryear? Are they actual resurgences of old trends? Are they a must-have for everyone today?

Your opinion matters.

Your magazine commentaries should explain what magazine, issue, and page you are referring to. You should also provide a photo of the page you are talking about.

I'm not recommending a scan of the magazine page since that will lead to reprinting/copyright issues. Instead, I'm suggesting you grab your digital camera, and take a picture of the page you are referring to... but you need to be in the picture with it. Perhaps you could use your hand to point to the jewelry, or perhaps you can hold the magazine page next to your smiling face.

Even though you are writing a commentary and an opinion piece relating to the magazine, ultimately your intention is to generate new business. Make sure you link your blog to the magazine's website as well as your own.

I'll share a few more ways to prevent writer's block tomorrow.
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