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The Best Daily Golden Nuggets of 2011

Looking back over 2011 I'm happy to see the increase in popularity of the jWAG Daily Golden Nuggets. My team and I have tried various formats ranging from simple SEO ideas, to marketing lessons, to an entire series relating to the holiday season.

We get positive feedback on all the formats, and we don't yet know what you guys prefer most. Here now are the 10 best of 2011 Nuggets as measured by our own tracking and Google Analytics.

July 28, 2011
"Meta Descriptions are Your Online Jewelry Window Displays"
Increasing the popularity of your website now goes well beyond the basic search engine optimization techniques, but as Google's machine learning techniques have improved we've had to think way beyond the number of times a phrase is mentioned on a page, your page title, and whether you use the bold-tag on a page... Read More

September 12, 2011
"Web Browsers On Growth Steroids"
...We are seeing very rapid development right now. A few weeks ago we said you should redesign your website every 18 months, but with this level of browser advancement you need to keep looking at your website and make sure these new browser versions don't suddenly cause display issues... Read More

August 12, 2011
"Is Your Product Catalog a Mute?"
...Many jewelry websites don't take the time needed to build correct category pages; in fact, many are only a list of product links with thumbnails. Sometimes there will be a sentence or two of content on those category pages, but that's not enough... Read More

May 23, 2011
"Front Line SEO: Secret Copy in Bottom Links"
...We'd also like to point out the footer links on the page we are testing. All the footer links are fully written out article titles. They look like sentences, but they are actually the same words use in the page title and H1 tags of each article page... Read More

March 8, 2011
"Blogging Inside Your Site"
...The best ways to add those answers to your website is through a blog. The best blog is one that is within your website, rather than a separate blog hosted for free on WordPress or Blogger. You should set it up as the subdirectory /blog/; for example Read More

October 12, 2011
"Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Thanksgiving Day Email Ideas"
...With this data it's obvious to us that that people are reading emails from their smartphones after their Thanksgiving dinner. They might be relaxing on the couch with the family, even watching the big game on TV, but secretly they are planning their holiday purchases... Read More

October 14, 2011
"Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Cyber Monday Email Ideas"
...According to our research we expect that on Cyber Monday morning, your customers will be tempted by emails from Macy's, Kay, Tiffany, David Yurman, Jared, James Allen, and BlueNile. Those sites all have e-commerce and will entice online buying... Read More

June 15, 2011
"Ideas for Succeeding with Groupon"
...If you decide to try Groupon, you should not offer a deal on fine jewelry, but rather something that would still be within the purchase budget of the same customers if they really wanted to spend money. Fortunately there are many types of jewelry available now that could qualify... Read More

October 11, 2011
"Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Pre-Black Friday Email Ideas"
During the months of November and December, email marketing experiences a huge spike in usage as the entire retail industry seems to remember that they can contact consumers through this "old fashion" communication method... Read More

August 11, 2011
"Writing Successful Product Descriptions for Jewelry Website"
...Writing jewelry descriptions is extremely important for your website's overall ranking. But writing descriptions for each jewelry style can be very exhausting if you sit at your computer just trying to be creative. On the other hand, you could carry that voice recorder with you 1 day each week and record all your conversations with customers. The next time you work on your website you will have seed material to reference... Read More

It's interesting to point out that the 9th most popular Nugget in 2011 was our introduction to QR Codes from July 27, 2010. But since that's a 2010 Nugget it was not included here.
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