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Google Remarketing to Jewelry Website Visitors

In this installment of the Daily Golden Nugget I'm going to explain how you can use Google AdWords Remarketing to target market to people who have visited your website.

Over the last two days I've given you some brief introductions to Google AdWords--not so you would feel pressured to learn to do it yourself, but so that you would know what to ask for when hiring an internet professional to manage AdWords for you. There are a lot of people out there that know how to manage AdWords; some are certified by Google, and others aren't.

Just because someone is certified doesn't mean they know what they are doing; a sad reality I learned a long time ago when hiring employees for my own company. Use what I tell you here as part of the interview process before hiring someone to work on your AdWords.

AdWords Remarketing gives you the ability to target your AdWords marketing to people who have visited your website. This is an upside down idea to the normal use of AdWords which is to bring people to your website in the first place.

Through a standard Google AdWords campaign, you would use targeted search keywords to match your ads. Getting your ads to appear in the #1 spot on the pages takes a lot of money and a lot of work to coordinate your landing pages. With Remarketing, you can rely on all the other methods you're already paying for to get people to your website, like emails, direct mail, billboard ads, and regular SEO instead of paying extra money on AdWords.

Once a user visits your website you can tag them however you like. Someone who visits your Home Page and your Directions Page would be a good candidate for your "In-store visitors" tag. Someone who visits your product catalog would be a good candidate for the "browses online catalog" tag.

You can name these Google Remarketing tags anything you like, and use them for any purpose you like. No one will see how you've marked them.

The remarketing technology works by placing a silent cookie in the user's web browser. With remarketing, Google gives you the ability to place a single tracking code on your entire website, or you can place it on individual pages. It's up to you.

There's a bit of marketing beauty in remarketing. Every website visitor may look at your home page, but they might not be a qualified customer. It's also up to you to determine if a website visitor is qualified enough to tag with a remarketing cookie. You qualify users based on what they do on your website.

Here are some quick examples of how you could qualify users:

1. All people who visit more than 1 page of your site.
2. Someone who visits your home page AND your store hours page.
3. Someone who visits your home page AND your directions page.
4. People who fill out your contact us form and clicks submit.
5. Everyone who puts something into your shopping cart and proceeds almost through the checkout, but doesn't finish the last purchase step.
6. Everyone who visits the purchase confirmation page in your ecommerce store.

Each of these ideas will require your AdWords expert and your web programmer to work together. Many older websites will not easily support the type of programming that AdWords Remarketing requires for this in-depth tagging. It's time to upgrade your website if yours doesn't support this.

Each of the above 6 examples would require a different set of banner ads. Remarketing only works with banner ads and you need to have creative ads that relate to those 6 different examples.

As soon as people are tagged onto your list they will start to see your ads throughout many websites. From their point of view they will be surprised to "see your ads everywhere" ever since visiting your website. But since they are in legit ad space, they won't think you're directly badgering them.

AdWords Remarketing is a fantastic tool to maintain top of mind awareness of your brand and it gives you the ability to get customers back to you even if they dismissed you the first time around.
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2 Comments on Google Remarketing to Jewelry Website Visitors

Anonymous said...
Can I put google adwords html code in my constant contact email so that when it is opened, I put a cookie on their machine?
07/26/2013 at 14:23:24
Matthew Perosi said...
Email programs will not allow the Remarketing Tag to activate, and even if they did the cookie would be set in the email reader and not the web browser. Although some people do use webmail to read their emails, the javascript is still disabled.
The best bet is to put only part of your story/article in the email newsletter and a link to read more. The link would then bring them to your website where you can correctly tag them with remarketing.
-Matthew Perosi
Matthew Perosi
07/26/2013 at 15:56:19
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