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'Twas The Jeweler's Night Before Christmas...

by Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV
'Twas the night before Christmas, and time to close doors
after a long four weeks, the time still soars.
Did you break record sales with engagement rings sold?
Hope she says yes tomorrow; the future's untold!

While it's usually children dreaming the morning's delight;
the guys that you helped are filled with horrible fright.
You're the town's best jeweler; the men come to you;
your jewelry's the best at getting an "I do."

The times, they have changed, and there's much online chatter,
you've to to keep up, or else you won't matter.
You made mistakes then, when your website used Flash,
but you took steps; improvement when sales came to a crash.

Your jewelry designs always win Best in Show,
but your website's sad ranking had fallen too slow.
With new learning, you hoped an answer'd appear,
because the fate of your store still fills you with fear.

Though SEO rhetoric was heavy and thick,
you learned to respond, to be agile and quick.
Time, patience, and better site changes still came,
and you learned your web marketing, some even by name

"Now Foursquare! Now Facebook!
Now, Tumblr and Twitter!
Like on Instagram, Pinterest!
Online photos all glitter!
I use Hootsuite for posting!
To rise above all!
Now fall away! fall away!
Watch my competitors fall!"

Once sharing non-sequiturs just to get by,
now social postings catch everyone's eye.
It's the targeting you've learned how to do now:
the new bellwether of marketing; go take a bow.

Of the internet, you once were so aloof,
because no one was willing to give burden of proof.
It took quite a while to turn you around,
you had to be willing to break this new ground.

You hired a coach who is fleet of his foot;
from him, you learned how not to stay put.
Although he called you a tough nut to crack,
shared business intelligence made you sharp as a tack.

With such rapid changes, the internet's scary;
of online marketing, you were reasonably wary.
Your coach, his teachings were tied in a bow,
to your way of doing things, you were afraid to let go.

You admitted that schooling was like pulling teeth;
this season's for jingle bells, snow, or a wreath.
Internet marketing? Right now? Not the telly?
Your newspaper ads, you learned, were just smelly.

Your website you tamed, with the magic house elf;
sales recovery seemed bleak, but you believed in yourself.
While others, they sighed; "go out of business" they said,
you realized quite soon, there was no more to dread.

Through A-slash-B testing, your sales strategies work,
when your accountant was surprised, you gave him a smirk.
By your nimble, new strategies, as far as that goes,
with every fast thinking step, your popularity grows.

For every search, Google targets your content like a missile,
your website draws buyers in, with one wet of their whistle.
You've concluded this season with your own joy and delight,
wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, and to all a good night!

by Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV

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