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Reasons to Create a Niche Jewelry Website

The advances in mobile technologies and features of Google Maps Mobile have paved the way to an iron clad reason for retail jewelry stores to have mobile ready websites. Mobile ready websites are absolutely necessary to bring customers right to your front door.

But when it comes to shopping online, people prefer to buy from stores that specialize. Obviously, as a jewelry store you carry thousands of items from different jewelry categories in your store. But why not set up a website focusing on one particular category of jewelry?

As an example, you could create a website that sells crosses or cross jewelry. Here are some setup steps for you to follow to profits.
1. Find a domain name that includes the word "cross" in it.
2. Find styles of cross pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings that are not available on any of the websites of BlueNile, Tiffany, Zales or Signet.
3. Make sure the styles you select are sold at the $487 price point or lower and can be reordered.
4. Get good photographs from your vendor, or take all your own photography. Make sure it's uniform.
5. Research using Google Trends and Insights when the best times of the year are for selling cross jewelry. In this case you will find it's December and May (or Spring months around Communion and Conformation ceremonies).
6. Get the website up and running and search engine optimized long before December and May.
7. Advertise the website online during December and May for extra high volume of sales.

Once you have your first niche jewelry website established, set up another one. Try to find another category of jewelry with a high selling month other than your first niche website. Ultimately, you will have a few different niche websites selling products out the back door of your jewelry store while at the same time your generic business website is drawing in the usual foot traffic in through the front door.
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