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Watch Google videos and see that your SEO sucks.

"Lord" Google provides a tremendous amount of educational material through their Webmaster Tools series. But the problem for us "mere mortals" is simply that we don't have enough time to sift through to find the relevant minutia for ourselves. Even though the Jeweler Website Advisory Group is striving to provide such relevant jewelry website related minutia, we can't cover it all fast enough (yet). We love it when another source has helped with the process.

The SEO Workers organization provides a big help with regard to Google video library series. Navigate over to and enter your website address into the "Page URL" field. Make sure to answer their question-based CAPTCHA before clicking the Submit button.

The report they provide is purely based on SEO factors. They don't just guess as what might be relevant to Google; they include individual video clips from Google that explain the exact reasons for each SEO technique.

Through the videos and directions you can see specific things like why your Page Title should not be more than 64 characters, and why your Meta Descriptions should be no more than 154 characters.

They also explain what relevant keywords are, including some interesting information about single, two word, three word, and four word keyphrases found on your site. Their information and directions will correspond to the data you can also find in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

This is probably another report you will work through slowly; make sure to watch the videos.

The tips learned from the SEO Workers tool are invaluable for your SEO ranking. These are the types of things you should be doing if you manage your own SEO process and what you should make sure your SEO consultant is doing.

In tomorrow's Gold Nugget, we will share the one website testing tool that all website designers and programmers hate.
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