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Holiday Marketing to Him

In yesterday's Gold Nugget, we described the strategy of changing your website home page in early November to take advantage of the women shoppers that purchase earlier in the holiday season.

Today we will briefly explain how to turn this idea around to target the men shoppers that typically wait until the first and second weeks of December to shop.

David Geller explains the many differences between the sales pitch toward men vs. women. Here's one example he used last time we attended his workshop: When selling a diamond to a lady, put it in a setting so she can try it on; however, when selling a diamond to a man, hand it to him in tweezers with a loupe. Men want to know more of the technical aspect than the beauty or emotion of it.

We don't consider large diamond ring purchases to be a last minute gift item; that purchase process is way too long for you to even consider ads like that in December. Your home page ads need to offer something in stock: elegant and easy for him to purchase. Forget the large solitaire diamond ring ads; instead, show images of rings with multi-stone settings, or pendants with matching earrings.

He is going to look for the technical details:
* 14K or 18K Gold
* Traditional or fashion
* Mention current trends that everyone else is getting; he will feel safe purchasing something if it's popular.
* How much ctw can he afford to make the gift seem extravagant? It might be time to polish that old matching set of earrings and pendant with the pave diamonds.

Keep in mind that he doesn't want to shop. Provide a few easy options online and then immediately viewable in your store and you could make a sale simply because you did all the thinking for him.

Speaking of thinking for him, don't forget about the kids. He also has the responsibility to find gifts for his son or daughter to give to his wife. Just like you showcased lower ticket items for her to purchase for the kids in November, you now need to do the same for him.

Lockets are a classic gift from the kids, but with the popularity of bead jewelry this year again, you could suggest he purchases the bead bracelet and several charms from him, as well as a charm from each of the children.

In our next Gold Nugget, we'll explain yet another strategy that you need to employ in the last 7 days before Christmas.

DISCLAIMER: The above information is based on statistical data and attempted consumer psychological reasoning. Please review your own data for your site if you have it. Do not make any financial judgments based off this information, it's only meant to help you strategize your advertising efforts. Hindsight is always 20/20 and what we see from previous years does not mean the same thing will happen in 2010... Google TFYQA and have a great day.

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