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Holiday Email-Prep: Some Ideas

So far, you have a lot of ammunition from us to have a pretty successful online holiday season. But we don't simply want to sit back and watch you succeed. Here are even more email ideas that we've learned from previous years.

Your emails and website don't actually need to be holiday focused. In other words, you don't need to have photos of Christmas Trees or Menorahs. Instead you just need to show photos and tell stories that remind people that the holidays are a wonderful time to talk about the future and the past.

Emotions drive purchases and if you can somehow tap into those emotions you will have successful sales.

Some specific ideas:

1. Create a relationship or longing of emotion by showing photos on your website and in your email newsletters. Go to and search for the phrases "couples jewelry," "middle age couples jewelry," "jewelry gift" or even "jewelry christmas" to get some ideas. Your own photos would be best, but we know that's very, very difficult for most retail jewelers. The site has inexpensive prices.

2. Of course we have to mention video. You could rummage through your own old photos and create a montage of holiday photos. Interspersed through the photos cold be shots of jewelry. has a really easy way to create video montages that can be shared with YouTube and Facebook pretty easily. Remember that videos beget lots and lots of good traffic.

3. When you write the copy for your website and email you need to remember that your customer is important. They don't really care about you. Honestly, you're just another person trying to sell something. What's in it for them? The first sentence of your email, or the first sentence on your web page needs to jump out and say "hey this is for you, and so-and-so will love you for it!" If your first sentence doesn't have the word "you" then go back and re-write it. Hint: re-read the first sentence of this Nugget.

4. Don't forget about gift certificates. You could use photos and written words to remind buyers that some people are impossible to shop for, and that's why you have gift certificates. Remember to put your website address on the back of the certificate. If they are gift cards then simply print on clear labels you get from the office supply store and stick them to the back.

We'd love to hear you feedback on this or any other Daily Gold Nugget.

Have a wonderful day!
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