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Tips to Write Copy, Part 1 of 4

In yesterday's Daily Gold Nugget, you discovered 4 actionable ideas to use on your home page and in your holiday emails. Starting today, and continuing for the next 4 days, we'll give you specific instructions to write your copy.

Here we go.

1. You Need An Attention-Grabbing Headline.

It needs to be much larger than the rest of the body copy on your page. You should apply some specific styles. You want a Sans-Serif font, bigger, and enough white space above and below the font so it stands out.

People will skip a headline if it's too crowded by the words and images around it. All fonts have a built-in padding to create minimal white space, but that's never good enough for a headline. You will need a proportional amount of extra spacing depending on the font size.

If we use the setting "font-size:25px;" (that's font size of 25 pixels) then we might also use the setting "line-height:35px;" (that's a line height of 35 pixels). This will give us 5 extra pixels above and below the headline. But that might not be enough. Experimentation is needed.

The headline should also be bold and black. You could try red, or another contrasting color for the site design, but black is the best place to start. Once you have a month of click-through data from Google Analytics, you can test different colors. Red is also a good color.

2. Make At Least Two Cost Comparisons.

You need to make a comparison to two similar items. You could show identical diamond earrings, perhaps 0.5 CTW on the right and 2.0 CTW on the left. The visitor will gravitate toward the earrings in their price range. Those images don't have to click to product pages either; they could lead to a landing page that shows all five of the CTW variations of the same earring instead.

Depending on your audience and the personality you have on your website, you could also show a photo of a dog house with an expensive price tag vs. the earrings with a lower price tag.

3. Use Three Act Storytelling

How often do you tell anecdotal stories to customer across the counter? Maybe you're telling a story about the guy in the dog house and how these exact earrings got him out. Whenever you use that selling approach, you should tell the entire story with a beginning, middle and end. Don't just tell part of the story; tell it all. But use as few words as possible (something we don't quite understand ourselves).

Customers who empathize with the protagonist of the story are definitely more inclined to purchase.

In tomorrow's Daily Gold Nugget we'll give you three more ideas.

Until then, have a wonderful day!
AT: 10/27/2010 12:50:45 PM   LINK TO THIS GOLD NUGGET
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