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There's a New Search Engine:

Today's Daily Gold Nugget is sort of an "FYI." We want to make sure you are aware of a new emerging technology that may impact your bottom line eventually if it catches on.

After rumors and reviews from some initial 8,000 beta testers, yesterday, November 1, 2010 the new search engine opened to the public.

In the past 30 days, we've measured all inbound search engine traffic for the jewelry websites we host. Here are our results:
Google 69%
Yahoo 17%
Bing 10%
AOL 2%
Ask 1%
Search 1%

Google has clear dominance for creating inbound traffic for jewelry stores. That's why we don't bother providing SEO services or analyzing SEO results from other search engines. We also know that if you strive for organic search excellence in Google, your efforts will also produce fruit in the rest.

Although, these search engines have a common flaw. They were all designed for an internet that does not exist anymore. They were created to find content and give you results when you didn't know what you were looking for, or didn't have a way to ask for help.

Google's basic principals are still based on popularity or quantity of information. Your popularity is counted by the number of links you have and quantity is measured by the amount of information on your website or found elsewhere on the internet.

Google and the others have been tricked by very clever internet marketing guys. There are easy ways to create websites whose only purpose for living is to create low value content with links back to your website. Maybe you've even come across one of these sites yourself in the past few years. They usually don't have viable information on them and are rather confusing to read.

We've been saying for some time that eventually Google would figure out how to remove all these spam websites from their index. It's a waste of our time to get caught in one of these junk sites, and it's a waste of money for people to be paying for links like this.

But now the internet is social, and instead of getting aggravated by spammy search results, we all have the ability to tap into the knowledge and recommendations from our friends. The primary means for this is Twitter, Facebook and, believe it or not, cell phone apps.

In the past year, many companies have tried to create social recommendation sites, but none of them have achieved wide spread use.

Enter the new search engine Blekko ( )

Blekko is still very much in "beta" and their search algorithm seems completely different than anything we've ever seen before.

First, they've been spidering the internet for more than a year, and their index seems very large. We tested it yesterday and the SERP returned all the websites we expected to see, but in a wildly different order. The beautiful feature is that all the spammy sites were gone. Only the valid, viable websites were in the SERP.

We don't know if this new search engine will be widely adopted, but it has the potential to make all the others rethink their approach. Unfortunately, it also means all of us website owners ALSO have to rethink our organic search strategy too, because what works for Google absolutely does not work right now for Blekko.

There are many features built into this new engine, but we're not going to tell you about them through our daily nuggets. Instead, look for them as other blog or training articles on
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Google Remarketing to Jewelry Interest Groups
Google AdWords Primer
QDF: For Jeweler's Eyes Only.
20 Important Celebrity Engagements since January 2004
Would you prefer 1 Ring or many Rings?
Digesting Your Previous Blogs to Create New Blogs
More Gentle Blog Hand Holding for Jewelers
Blog Hand Holding for Jewelers
ROI of TV Commercials Might Be Down, But TV Blogging is Boomin!
Tapping the JIC for Jewelry Related Blogging Topics
Jewelers Can Beat the Writer's Block
Ugh! More discussion about link building...
The History Channel Can Help A Jeweler
3 Blogging Tips Shared by a Blogging Pro
Shrub? You Need an Online Persona
The $3000 Reason Jewelers Should Be Blogging
Legitimate Link Building and Name Recognition
Basic Guidelines to Slowly Build Organic Links
Google Penguin and Your Website Navigation
Google Free Merchant Center is Now Paid Shopping
Rethinking Traffic Sources for Jewelry Store Websites (Part 4)
June 2012
Rethinking Traffic Sources for Jewelry Store Websites (Part 3)
Rethinking Traffic Sources for Jewelry Store Websites (Part 2)
Rethinking Traffic Sources for Jewelry Store Websites
Pinterest Rates on the Rise
Google's New Review System, Zagat Rated
Constantinople (Not Istanbul)
Do people actually sign up for email newsletters?
Detecting and Removing Email Black Listing
Know Thy Email and Protect Thyself
Email Server Location Can Hurt Your Marketing Open Rates
Increase Your Email Delivery Rates in December
Increasing Your Email Open Rates With This Easy Step
Hiding Holiday Pages from People but Not Google
Holiday Email Timing Preparations Start June 28th
Getting Ready to Attract Holiday Foot Traffic
Merchandising Your Jewelry Store Website
The Bad Rebirth of Zip Code Search into Mobile Apps
4 Tools for Every Jeweler's Online Toolbox
The Millennial Generation Expects Product Catalogs
Jewelers, Are You Tracking Conversions?
Dealing With Emails When You've Been Blacklisted
May 2012
Avoid Spam Black Listing: Send Fewer Emails Over Time
Good Email Signup Practices for Jewelers
Post Your Summer Hours to Your Website
Latest Web Browser Usage States on Jewelry Websites
3 Facebook Posting General Practices Techniques for Jewelers
Understanding Facebook EdgeRank for Jewelers (Part 3)
Understanding Facebook EdgeRank for Jewelers (Part 2)
Understanding Facebook EdgeRank for Jewelers (Part 1)
3K Website Visitors vs. 3K Facebook Likes
7 Internet Steps that Haven't Changed in 10 Years
Emails are Important. Check and Clean Them Up
Ever Paid for Link Building? You Were Probably Pecked by the Penguin
There's Money in The List; The Wish List
196 Days and Counting Until Cyber Monday
Best Practices for Blogging for Jewelers
Not Fresh? You Must Be Dead.
On-Page SEO Ideas for Jewelers to Target Local
Google SSL Hurts Jewelry Keyword Research
Thin Content and Link Building Shakeup
The World; and SEO, Changes. Always. (Turn, Turn, Turn)
Example of Jewelry Website Copy Re-Writing
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Difference Between m. and .mobi
Inbound Marketing: Broaden Your Jewelry Store Message
Various Blogging Links Can Repair a Jeweler's Ranking
100% of Blog Readers Could be Visiting Your Jewelry Site
Two Easy Blogging Tips for Jewelers
Add More Blog Posts, Never Delete Them
Jewelers Must Give Up On Bridal Sales
Understanding Anchor Text for Jewelry Stores
PCI Compliance Testing and Reporting for Jewelers
Block Your SEO Firm From Seeing Customer Payment Card Data
POS and Jewelry Website Software Security
Is Your Jewelry Store Network Security Strong?
Should Jewelry Websites Save Payment Card Information?
You Will Hate PCI Compliance Too
Jewelry Designer Line Microsites
Off-Site Linking is Bad for User Experience
5 Ways to Attract Jewelry Buyers, 1 Easy Way to Lose Them
Your SEO is Bleeding Out of Your Jewelry Store Logo
Show Off the Real Staff of Your Jewelry Store
Jewelers Need to Remove Their Pipes
Celebrity Blogging For Jewelers
March 2012
A Slap of Truth for Jewelers and Jewelry e-Commerce
Implementing Your Own QR Code Jeweler Reviews
QR Code Test Results: Jeweler Reviews
Customers Want to Love Your Mobile Website
Understanding Where Jewelry Buyers Came From and What They Want
Redefining the Center of the Marketing World for Jewelers
Holiday 2012 Mobile Website Planning Guide
Steve Jobs' Revenge... from Beyond!
Sapphire Examples of Blogging Strategies
SEO of a Flawless Diamond
Don't Peddle Pave Engagement Rings
Multiple Domain Names with a Purpose
13 Months Later: Panda Updates and Jewelry Store SEO
Breadcrumbs are more than Navigation tools for Hansel and Gretel
You and Google Both Hate Old Dogs
Just Blog; Don't Count Jewelry Keywords
YouTube Videos Now Have Better Local Ranking
Here's How Google's Recent SERP Changes Affect the Local Retail Jeweler
How to Increase Website Visitors to a Jewelry Site Over the Long Term
Blogging: You can make their proposal memorable.
Events: ROI Boost When 10K People Are Interested
Events: Set Your Digital Invitations Up Correctly
February 2012
Important Pages for Rushed Mobile Users
Reviewing How Local SERP Works for Jewelers
Most Popular Jewelry Store Pages Viewed via Mobile
Mobile Device Usage Statistics for Jewelry Sites
Surprising Turn in Web Browser Wars on Jewelry Websites
Find Out Why WordPress Turned off a Jeweler's Blog
iPhone Visitors to Jewelry Sites up 1227%
Maybe they just hate the jewelry you carry.
You've Killed Your Website... On Purpose.
Capitalize on the Rise of the Man-Gagement Ring
Storytelling Builds Great Content for Jewelers
Inspired By True Love: Jewelry Gifts
January 2012 Keyword Data and How to Use It
The Importance of Video Transcripts for Jewelers
Building Business with 404 Error Pages
Jewelers Should Avoid Blog Comment Spam
Get Them to Stay and Read Awhile
Page Dates and Google SERP Dates
Google Maps Still Drives Visitors Directly to Your Doorstep
This mistake will zap you from Google Local SERP
Your Engagement Ring Store is Not a Wedding Ring Shop
January 2012
Go Ahead, Stuff. Your Competitor Will Love You.
Which Sells More: White or Yellow Gold?
Stuff. Stuff. Do NOT Stuff Those Meta Descriptions
Is Your Website Company Limiting Your Advertising?
Even Jewelers Should Tell Google to Ignore Their Parents
You Didn't Break It; But You Better Fix It
Your SEO Guy Can Easily Kill Your Website
The Number 1 Way Jewelers Accidentally Kill Their SEO Ranking
What Happens When Your Website is Blacked Out?
Don't Dead End Your Mobile Website
Don't Let Link Building Bite You Badly
Avoid the Filtering, Link From Within Content
Find Time For Google Plus
Tell Google you Currently Mean Business
The Jeweler's Fountain of SERP Ranking Youth
It's 2012; hide that embarrassing Pager if you still carry one.
Push Those Images Up There
Have you ever wanted to smash your camera?
Set Google's Image Search On Fire
Images That Step Out of Line From the Rest
Using Image Names to Attract Visitors
A New Year's Resolution for Jewelers to Follow
December 2011
Google Can Sneak Past Your Forms
Speeding up Your Jewelry Website (part 2)
Speeding up Your Jewelry Website (part 1)
Be nice with your 404
Coming Soon
2011 Holiday Season Bridal Sales
Grain of SEO Gold: Mobile Domain Name Usage
Grain of SEO Gold: Domain Name Variations
Single Purpose Content Pages
Grain of SEO Gold: Linking to Your Bait Easily
Grain of SEO Gold: Page Titles
Grain of SEO Gold: Jewelry Website Bounce Rates
Grain of SEO Gold: Update Your Website Often
Grain of SEO Gold: Keyword Clouds are Bad
Google Analytics and Last Minute Holiday Website Changes
Holiday Smartphone Usage is Way Up Already
Current Holiday Tracking Stats and How to Use Them
December's a Great Time for Keyword Discovery
Two Suggestions to Immediately Spice Up Holiday Sales
Online Ideas to Help Fight Off the Usual 6-Figure Website Gorillas
Spread Some Cheer: Help Your Fellow Jeweler Understand
December is here: Your Web Page Needs a Purpose
November 2011
Timing Your Twitter for Holidays and Year Round
Timing Your Facebook for Holidays and Year Round
Jeweler's Holiday Strategy for Facebook Tagging
Black Friday Thoughts for Jewelers
Thankful +Page Poll Ideas for Jewelers
Google+ Page Photo Album Ideas for Jewelers
Google+ Page Intro to Circles for Jewelers
Google+ Page Setup for Jewelers
Extending Your Jewelry Store's Holiday Well Wishes
Jewelry Store Holiday Hours
Last Minute Reminders Ideas for Jewelers
Tis The Season for Jewelry Product Positioning
Holiday Tools for Jewelry Gift Buyers
Cyber Monday Suggestions for Jewelers
Small Business Saturday SEO Suggestions for Jewelers
Black Friday Email & Social Suggestion for Jewelers
Thanksgiving Email Suggestion for Jewelers
Black Friday Holiday Jewelry Lookbook Preview Ideas
Holiday Event Email Announcement Ideas for Jewelers
Holiday Facebook Photos for Jewelers
302 Strategy for Jewelry Store Holiday Marketing
All Gold Ring Roads Lead Back To Your Store
October 2011
Scary Email Tactics You Should Follow
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Holiday Mobile Website Tuning
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Mobile AdWords for Jewelers
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Mobile Marketing for Jewelers
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Continued Learning From Google's 2010 Data
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Learning From Google's 2010 Data
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Website Tuning and Customer Retention
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Holiday Bundles to Help AdWords
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: AdWords Trademark Issues & Ad Copy
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Your Holiday AdWords Budget
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Understanding AdWords for the Holidays
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Cyber Monday Email Ideas
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Black Friday Email Ideas
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Thanksgiving Day Email Ideas
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Pre-Black Friday Email Ideas
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Website Holiday Themes
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Don't Forget Video
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Ninja Keyword Analysis
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Importance of Product Reviews
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Content Answers Questions
Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Add Important Content Pages Now
September 2011
Holiday 2011 Run-Up Begins Today
Part Two: 9 Tips Jewelers Need to Work With SEO Pros
Part One: 9 Tips Jewelers Need to Work With SEO Pros
Black Hat Doorway Pages vs. White Hat Landing Pages
Black Hat SEO: Link Farming Kills Rankings
Black Hat SEO: Thin Content Jewelry Catalogs Kill Rankings
Black Hat SEO: Spinning Yellow Sapphire Articles
Black Hat SEO: Engagement Ring Keyword Stuffing Example
Black Hat SEO: Explaining Hidden Text
Is That Designer Brand Good Enough For Your Website?
How Jeweler Should Use Bold and Italic in E-Commerce
Italic vs. Emphasize HTML Example for Jewelers
Bold vs. Strong HTML Example for Jewelers
Dead HTML Tags That Jewelers Should Avoid
Web Browsers On Growth Steroids
Unexpected Blogging & Bounce Back Disasters
Advantages of Getting a New Jewelry Website
Disadvantages or Drawbacks of Getting a New Jewelry Website
Website Pop Up Disasters for Zale Corporation
9 Things Jewelers Should Test: Part 2
9 Things Jewelers Should Test On Their Website
Google Website Optimizer in Plain English
August 2011
Website Usability Results for Jewelry
Hiring Someone To Help With Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization Thoughts for Jewelers
Landing Page Planning for Jewelers
The Psychology of Landing Pages
Emails of Giving.
Sure Fire Way to Avoid Email Open Rate Disasters
Jewelers Using Facebook as an Email Service
Time to Kill Your Existing Newsletter Email Schedule
Email Open Rate Statistics for Jewelry Stores
Requirements for Your Email Newsletters
Don't Call Your Email Newsletter a Newsletter
Are You Spamming Your Customers?
Is Your Product Catalog a Mute?
Writing Successful Product Descriptions for Jewelry Website
301 Redirect Example
Let's Thank Lucy For This One.
5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 5
5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 4
5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 3
5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 2
5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 1
Passionate Designers Can Be Your Secret SEO Product Strategy
July 2011
Real Life Meta Description Example
Meta Descriptions are Your Online Jewelry Window Displays
Tablets in Your Jewelry Store
Google Places Pages in Flux
Major Updates to Google Places
Yahoo Local and Retail Jeweler Online Reputation
Reviews: Don't get caught doing this; you will be ruined.
Citysearch Reviews can Devastate Your Business
Jewelry Store Reputation Management
Study Results: Small Business Online Social Presence
Google Plus Business Predictions for Jewelers
Google Plus Hangout Notes and Future Features.
Huddles and Hangouts: Useful Google Plus Features for Jewelers?
Google+ Circles for Jewelers
Introduction to Google+ for Jewelers
Does Twitter Still Matter Now that Twitter and Google got Divorced?
Panda Update and Low Quality Jewelry Website Pages
The Panda Sniffs Out Trusted Website Designs
Panda Update and Outsourcing
An Idea to Avoid the Panda's Paw
Basic Explanation of Google's Panda Update
June 2011
Don't fall in love with your website design.
Front Line SEO: Jewelry Product Catalogs Part 2
Front Line SEO: Jewelry Product Catalogs
Jewelry Shops on Google Mobile
What Should be on Your Holiday Mobile Website?
Reasons Jewelers Should Embrace Mobile Websites
25% Are Only Here for the Discount
Seeding Your Jewelry Website With Holiday Discounts
Black Friday Preparations
Interesting Findings When Analyzing a Jewelry Website
Not All Sharing is Created Equally
Ideas for Succeeding with Groupon
Social Buttons Make the Numbers Game Easier
If Only We Could Still Be Hermits.
How to Get Engagement Rings Into Google's Image Search
Best Search Engine for Organic Traffic to Jewelry Websites
New Content Using Unforgettable Moments
The Importance of Lowering Your Bounce Rate
Front Line SEO: Google Plus One
SEO Seminars at Trade Shows
Jewelry Website Optimization: FAQ Pages
Design Wise: Font-a-licious
May 2011
Flash 10, Google and Beyond
Increase Ranking on Your Video Pages
Sitemapping Your Website
Front Line UI: Sizing Tricks with Google Preview
Front Line UI: Help with Google Preview Images
Front Line SEO: Devilish Dropdown Menus
Front Line SEO: Secret Copy in Bottom Links
Don't Panic From SERP Updates
Front Line SEO: Local Search Results
Front Line SEO: Meta Description Snips
Front Line SEO: Dating Your Pages
Can Your Website Be Simplified?
YouTube Transcripts
YouTube Annotations
Subtle, But Important YouTube Settings.
Video Contest Magnets
Socializing Your YouTube Videos: Part 1
SEO Tips for YouTube Videos
Creating your YouTube Account
Jumping Into The Deep End of Video
Simply Smart Page Titles
Hidden Text That's Not Black Hat
April 2011
100, 200 or More?
Vetting Out Duplicate Product Content
New Technology is not Always Best
Sharing is Good-Natured
Collapsing Your Website for Better Ranking
Pinch. Pinch. Pinch.
Speeding Up Your Images
Clueless About SEO?
How Good is Your Spelling?
Maintain Your Anonymity
The WP Devil
Contact Us Page Killers
Increase User Friendliness, Decrease Google Bounce Rate
Match Your Mobile and Full Sites
Ride the Mobile Fad Wave Today
Search Query Relevance
It's In the Clouds
Alt & Title And Be Rewarded.
Google Places 2011: Take Another Drink
Don’t Buy Your Friends
Paid Results in the Google SERP
March 2011
GOTCHA! Your Website Put You Out Of Business.
Mr. Cellophane Shouldn't Be Your Name
Aggressive Marketing with Multiple Domain Names
Change Up Your Link Bait Strategies
Don't Be Droll
Do You Think You are Funny?
Answer Their Questions and Show Them You Care
Online Reviews
Deep Linking to Help Google Crawl
The Universal Internet
Big Brands vs. Your Jewelry Store
Duplicate Content Examples
URL Restructuring and 301 Redirecting
Diversity of Link Sources May Surprise You
Older, Wiser, Faster Indexed Websites
Fresh Content Matters
Doorway Pages and Landing Pages
Blogging Inside Your Site
Should You Have A Mobile Website?
Faster Recognition of Product Catalogs
Smarter Meta Descriptions
Bloggorama Thin or Fat?
Typical Duplicate Content Pages
February 2011
Quality link building is a pretty tricky business.
Is it just a Hoop? Or is it a Very Specific Hoop?
On Page Linking Ideas
Keyword Research Ideas
Jewelry Webpage Title Tags
Jewelry Photography Ideas
Meat of the Page
Watch Out For Bad Website Neighbors
Google SERP Geo-Targeting
Geo-Targeting Your Website with TLD and IP
Duplicate Content in Your Search Results
Moving to a New Domain Name
Understanding the Different Parts of a Website
Is your website cluttered?
Keyword Research That Wins
How-To Blog on Your Site
Hidden SEO Treasure in YouTube Videos
How Many Tweets Make a Book?
How to get your large website crawled.
Dropped Out of Rankings
January 2011
Sizing and Cropping Images
What is Your Bounce Rate?
How Deep is Your Tree?
What is the Purpose of Your Web Page?
Over Optimization is a Euphemism for Spammy
Reasons Why HTML 3 is Better than HTML 5
Show Your Smarts in the Community
Mobile Search Results
Don't Stuff Meta Descriptions Like a Turkey
Deep, Deep, Deep Linking Inside Your Site.
Does a Promise Equal an Engagement?
Your Website Is So Fat!
H is for Header
Are Websites Following You?
Google Wonder Wheel
Linking to Bad Neighbors
Mobile Flash Repulser
Testing Your Mobile Website for Dumb Phones
Community Descriptions for Photos
Online Product Descriptions
SEO: Intra-site Nofollow Link Disasters
December 2010
SEO: Long Tail Keywords
SEO: Contextual Linking of Pages
SEO: Links Without nofollow
SEO: Page Title
We LOVE our Facebook Fans
Some Holiday Season 2010 Statistics
LinkedIn Status Updates
Getting Recommendations on LinkedIn
Connections on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Company Profiles
LinkedIn Groups
Twitter and Website Settings on LinkedIn
Does Your Jewelry Customer Care if Your Specialty is Marketing?
Experience Descriptions on LinkedIn
Let's Get Linked
Tweeting for Increased Sales
Introduction to Listing Tweets on Your Jewelry Website
Introduction to Twitter
Why Are You Selling Burgers to Vegetarians?
Strategies for Collecting Email Addresses
Does Your Sales Funnel Have Holes in It?
Grand To-Do List of Website Marketing
Trading Links with Businesses Outside Your Town
November 2010
What Makes Yours a Better Store?
Educational Websites Create Trust
Ready? Set. SELL!
Ready, Set, Drink!
Last Minute Website Planning Before Black Friday
Page Summaries and Meta Descriptions
Do You Think Wider is Better?
Google Rich Snippets
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Link Building Strategy That Could Cost You Your Website.
Google is a Copy Cat
Google Claims It Can Read SWF Files
Your Final Holiday Story-Time
Using a Missed Mafia-Offer to Increase Long Term Readership
Your Holiday Storytelling has Lower Stress
Building Your Social Media Personality
Holiday Season Story Time
Explanation of an Important Limitation
Effective Facebook Status Update Strategy
Sending Facebook Updates
There's a New Search Engine:
Tips to Write Copy, Part 4 of 4
October 2010
Tips to Write Copy, Part 3 of 4
Tips to Write Copy, Part 2 of 4
Tips to Write Copy, Part 1 of 4
Holiday Email-Prep: Some Ideas
Blogging Success Without Sucking Your Time Up
Facebook contest policies suck
Facebook Might Bite You Badly
People Needs Jobs, So Give Them One
Tactics for writing blogs
Website Content as a Story
4Cs Educational Content on Your Website
Educational Information on your website
Your Facebook Bio and Info Tab
How to use a personal Facebook account.
Testing Keywords with your Google AdWords Campaign
Money, Money, Money Site.
How much time does it take to do SEO?
Meta Descriptions Could be Dodos Soon
"Checking-in" on Facebook Places
Simple Reasons to Issue Press Releases
Keywords are all Grown Up
September 2010
Revisiting our Google Place
Social Media Duplicate Content
Our Last Holiday Planning Trick
Holiday Planning Day #9
Holiday Marketing to Him
Holiday Marketing to Her
Holiday Hours
Holiday Planning with Commodity Items
Holiday Video Planning Starts Today
Holiday SEO Planning Starts Today
Holiday Calendar: Planning Days and Strategies
Homework: Holiday Planning Ahead
Increase sales through Wish Lists
Your 9-part Online Marketing Plan
Your jewelry website designer will hate you for this.
Watch Google videos and see that your SEO sucks.
Measuring your website page speed.
Anything lower than a 60 is a failing grade; start your GOB sale today.
Food for thought while you're cooking on the BBQ today.
Get a real email address!
Properly managing your multiple domain names
Good reasons to have multiple domain names and websites.
August 2010
.info .me @ .my .name .mx
Don't get scammed by domain name thieves.
What is the EXACT cost of advertising for each new customer?
Let's give Facebook Places a Whrrl.
Trip Planning in Gowalla
We're all in DEHOOD
Introduction to mobile internet Location-Based Services
Tracking Cell Phones and Mobile Devices on Your Jewelry Website
It was easier when we all had a 14" computer screen.
Deep Linking is a slow and steady SEO winner, just like the slow tortes against the hare.
You don't need to be Yellow any more.
What towns do your customers hail from?
Get you own QR Code today.
Timeliness of Updating QR Code related Websites
QR Code Advertising Ideas for Touristy Areas
Advanced QR Code Advertising Ideas
Basic QR Code Advertising Ideas
Reasons to Create a Niche Jewelry Website
Don't compete with Blue Nile; you will lose money.
Ideas for Online Jewelry Sales Copy That Work
The difference between winning jewelers and losing jewelers
Perhaps we were living under a rock and that's why we didn't know this.
July 2010
If a picture is worth 1000 words, would you use a camera with a smudged lens?
What the difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads?
What stickers are on your front door? Visa/MC/AmEx... Google?
What are those square dot-like bar codes becoming so popular?
Google Maps can drive visitors directly to your doorstep, literally.
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Jeweler Website Advisory Group