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What Makes Yours a Better Store?

What's the difference between one mason and another? Both might have identical looking work, but it won't be until the cement work had a chance to weather 4 seasons before you truly know who had the better work.

Can the same be said about your service? What really separates you from the other jewelry store down the street?

We kicked this question around our office and came up with a few ideas that we know other jewelers always say on their website or in their advertising. Here they are:

1. Custom design jewelry services.
2. Different designer jewelry lines
3. Repair services - yes, everyone might do this, but what is your specialty?
4. Available parking
5. Convenient to get to
6. Newly remodeled outside
7. Newly remodeled inside
8. If not newly remodeled, do you have a unique, vintage look of interest? Perhaps your ceiling or floors are original and historic.

Once you can think of a few of your own ideas, you need to present them on your website. You don't have to specifically name your competition; in fact, that might be in bad taste even though TV commercials do it all the time. Instead, present a strong case of why your service is better. Here are some examples:

* Bring in your best or worst sketch and we'll turn it into a treasured piece of jewelry that is sure to become a family heirloom.
* We are the only fine jewelry store in the area qualified to carry this prestigious line of jewelry.
* Our repairs are serviced with a specialized laser welder allowing us to repair the finest jewelry without risk of damage that another jeweler's torch might cause.
* Please take advantage of our off the street parking on the side of the building.
* Our store is very easy to get to without fighting local traffic. Conveniently located off Rt. 80 Exit 53 - look for our big sign!

Hopefully those examples give you some of your own ideas. Add them to your website once you have fully formulated them. Long pages that list all your services tend to be very boring and attract very little attention. Bounce rates on general "services we provide" pages tend to be high. Our guess is that people don't want to read or they are looking for pretty pictures.

A better strategy would be to have a full section of your website dedicated to all the services you provide. That section would have a main landing page, and then sub pages for each service. That might seem challenging, especially since every page should have a photo and 250 words. If you can create a short video, that will work better than the photo, but don't replace 250 words with just a video because that's actually a step backwards.

Most jewelry stores do not put the effort into embellishing their services information online. Comparing your embellished website to your competitor's boring website would win you a new customer every time.
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