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We LOVE our Facebook Fans

One of the effective ways Facebook was used during the holiday 2010 season was by offering deals to your Facebook Business page fans.

According to a comScore survey, social media accounted for 33% of the buying influence in December. Within that one-third percentage surveyed, 9% said they were watching Facebook Business pages for deals, and another 9% said they were watching their friend's status updates for deals.

To tap into this small, but growing, market you need to understand the different strategies you could use. The easiest to implement is creating an Event on Facebook.

Throughout December, we saw dozens of jewelry stores creating events that were simply called "10% off for all Facebook Fans!" Actually the percentage varied, but that was the general idea.

To do the same, you simply need to create an Event using your Business Page, not your personal profile.

Give the Event the simple title "10% off for Facebook Fans!"

Make the dates of the Event the actual sale dates for your store. In the description say something like "We LOVE our Facebook Fans! So we're giving YOU 10% off your purchase of ALL ITEMS in stock between xx/xx/2011 and xx/xx/2011. Print this Event listing and bring it to our store as your coupon! Or print our Facebook Business Page and bring it in for your 10% off."

Don't make it a Public Event. Keep it private and only for people who are invited. You should also allow those attending to invite their friends.

Invite all your Business Page fans to the Event so they get the notification.

In your store, and through your other traditional advertising, you should announce that you have a special sale for Facebook Fans only. To receive the invitation to the special Facebook Fan Appreciation Sale you actually need to be a fan of your Business Page.

Feel free to send the invitation out when you initially create it and then again 2 days before the sale so your new fans can see it.

We're not giving you step-by-step directions in this Nugget, just the concepts. You will have to get your feet wet within Facebook on your own and figure out how to actually do the Event setup.
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