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Is your website cluttered?

Figuring out how to arrange information on your website is a tedious task. Sometimes even we have to scribble notes on real paper with a real pencil to determine how to organize the pages of a website into sections and subsections.

Every page on your site should be dedicated to a single topic. You don't want to put educational information about pearls on the same page as information about gold carat metal. A human might not mind, but this would confuse the search engines a little bit and work against your ranking.

Here's how it works:

The search engine maintain an enormous database of information. It's so big that it would take a few seconds to search for the phrase "engagement rings" if they didn't have multiple levels of efficiency.

Searching for "engagement rings" returns results in 0.21 seconds, but wouldn't that feel like forever if it was 3 seconds or more?

Every web page is read into the search engines and all the words are grouped together according to how they are associated. We imagine that those groups of words are then compared to existing data and the overall subject of the page is recorded.

Think about this for a moment a little deeper. If the information on your single web page is not clearly referencing a single topic, the search engines will have less of an understanding of what to do with it. This explanation should provide compelling reasons why you should only talk about a single item, or topic, on each single page of your site.

Instead of cluttering a page with educational details about all the "4C's of Diamonds," why not create a single page for each C?

Instead of creating a single page called "Services we Provide," why not use that page as an introduction to your services and then create 7 sub pages that talks about each of your unique services as a retail jewelry store? Don't complain that there's nothing to say about your engraving service; instead, get some photos of the types of things you engrave and explain them. What types of fonts does your engraving machine have? What's the smallest letter? The largest letter?

Do the same for all your services.

If you have no choice but to clump a set of unrelated topics onto a page, you should at least present them in a structured manner. The proper structure starts out with a H1 tag to identify the top level topic, then H2 tags to divide into sub topics and, of course, standard and readable paragraphs. If possible, group these individual topics into their own DIV tags or into separate TABLEs on the page.

The more you do to clearly create a barrier between topics, the easier it will be for search engines to understand what you are trying to say... and sell.
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