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Understanding the Different Parts of a Website

The anatomy of a website is extremely diverse. Some websites have pages of information, some have product catalogs, some have photo galleries. Even if you are using the same content management system as someone else, no 2 websites will ever be alike.

Websites are just like people: some tall, some short, some fat, some thin, some wear lots of color while others are dressed in plain, white clothes... figuratively speaking. Different parts of a website are used for different reasons too, just like your feet help you walk, your hands allow you to write and type, and your eyes let you read.

You probably never consciously think about it but your feet, hands, and eyes serve you differently. Would you attempt to walk or run using your hands in everyday life?

Consider for a moment that there are some common structures to a website. We listed 3 of them above, but here's a longer list of some common structures:
* e-Commerce product catalog
* Gallery of photos from traveling/vacation/custom designs
* Blog
* Pages of detailed information about designer lines of jewelry
* Educational information about jewelry & diamonds
* Archive of email newsletters
* Library of interesting, original, jewelry-related articles
* Any type of contact form

If we consider each of these common structures to be a limb, your website would be an octopus! Each arm has a different purpose.

Enter Google.

Amazingly enough, Google has created a classification method that knows the difference, and the reason for use, between any of the limbs listed above (and many others).

Let's look at the following random example:

If you search for "why is a 1ct diamond so expensive" Google will give you a list of results directing you to educational information and blogs.

On the other hand, if you search for "where can i buy a 1ct diamond" Google will show you a full page of shopping options.

The words "why is" and "where can" trigger different types of search. This is sometimes referred to as the "search intent" of a user.

So what's the bottom line for today's Daily Gold Nugget? You need to create as many different limbs for your website as possible. Google has identified 4 main types of search intent, but within them there are unlimited sub types.

The only way to capture the full scope of potential customers is to provide a variety of information on your website.
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