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New Content Using Unforgettable Moments

We talk a lot about creating web pages with content on a specific topic. Don't give Google too many choices to decide and keep 1 page per 1 topic.

Prior to 2011, we used to say that every page of your website should have a minimum of 250 words. But then we bumped that number to 400 words per page in February 2011 after Google unleashed major ranking changes that decimated many thin websites.

It was previously known that a thin website is one that has many pages of content but each page has fewer than 200 words in the body copy. In February 2011, Google started lowering the ranking on websites that have about 250 words on every page. That's why we jumped our recommendation up to 400 words.

It's a little challenging to write 400 words on a page while at the same time be completely original in what you write and remain focused on one topic. Exactly how many ways can you describe a diamond ring that your competitor hasn't already done?

Before you freeze from writers' block you should know that there are other generally accepted SEO techniques that will help fill up that 400 word suggestions and also help with your ranking. The one technique that will help you is known as Topic Modeling.

Years of research and data gathering allows Google, Bing and Yahoo! To know and understand more about search phrases than you ever will. The engines understand now that the phrase "diamond wedding ring" is somehow related to the search phrase "necklace wedding ring timeline" and that is somehow related to "wedding music."

All of the search data is related through different subject matter topics. To help with your content writing, you could easily include small facts or short stories surrounding specific search phrases. The facts and stories will easily jump your content to 400 words or more.

Here's an example:
Pandora Jewelry uses the slogan "Unforgettable Moments" so let's tell some stories of those unforgettable moments. The last time we checked, Pandora limited the number of merchandise photos you could have on your website, and e-commerce was reserved for a select few jewelry stores. You might think that these limitations will prevent you from gaining organic traffic for "Pandora," but that's not the case.

To get around these Pandora limitations while at the same time satisfying many SEO ranking factors, you could take a few photos at your next Pandora event and post them on your website with associated stories. No doubt your real life story will include the phrases Pandora bracelets, Pandora beads, Pandora event, Pandora charms; but it may also include a story or two of those unforgettable moments that the charm will represent. As a whole, this would be a great source of new, natural, and unique content for your website, and your story was modeled into a single topic.
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