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Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Mobile AdWords for Jewelers

Over the last 6 months we've monitored an average 97.52% increase of mobile visitors to jewelry websites across our network. The actual number of mobile visitors to a single website is pretty small each month, as in about 60 visitors, but that number has nowhere to go but up.

Did you know that you can create mobile AdWords ads? According to Google, 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.

According to what we mentioned yesterday, 87% of people walking are using their cell phone. Of those surveyed, it was found that people use mobile search 77% of the time spent on their phone. Finally, 33% of that 77% are searching for something locally.

What does that mean with real numbers?
100 people walk by, 87 of them are using their cell phone.
Of 87 people, 77% or 67 of them are using a search engine.
Of those 67, 22 people are searching for something they need to buy that minute or will purchase in the near future.

On a busy city street or in a shopping mall, you have an outstanding chance to target 22 people out of every 100 that walk by when using Google AdWords for mobile. Those mobile customers can be using mobile or some news website and still see your ads. Your ads can be small text links or mobile banner ads.

Obviously there's a little more to it than how we just made it sound, and many jewelers we know have lost a lot of money on non-mobile Google AdWords. However, at least at the moment, the results for mobile ads are much more effective. Let's look at the survey results.

According to the Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT April 2011 study they found that 82% of mobile users notice mobile ads. When was the last time you noticed a banner ad on a normal website? Most users have developed banner blindness, but mobile banners command a lot more attention. Here are the findings:

45% of users say they notice mobile banners or graphical ads
43% say they notice ads featured on sites they are visiting
35% say they notice the ads within the app they are using
34% of users say they notice the ads within the mobile search engines
21% say they notice the ads based on their location
19% say they notice ads featured on mobile maps

Take a close look at those numbers. 21% say they notice the ads based on their location. Using our above example of 22 people, that would mean 4 of them would see your ad on their smartphone as they are walking by your front door.

So what's the potential ROI if a retail jeweler decides to spend the advertising dollars with Google AdWords? Of those consumers who saw the mobile ads, here are the reported actions they took:

49% either used their smartphone or computer to view the website
27% said they called the advertiser.
33% said they either looked at the store on a map or visited in person
49% said they eventually made a purchase from that advertiser

In other words, you should set up or pay someone to create a Google AdWords campaign for you during the Holiday 2011 season. Your ads should direct people to a mobile website rather than your regular website.

To help target those 1 in 3 mobile searches with local intent, Google AdWords allows you to select a specific target audience based on website usage or geographic location. If your mobile website does not have m-commerce you should still create what we call a Hyper-Local mobile AdWords campaign.

The idea is that you create a campaign specific to your location, targeting only mobile devices and keywords. Your monthly click spending will be very low; many campaigns we manage are spending less than $100 per month. The settings for this type of AdWords campaign are fairly new. Jewelers that manage their own AdWords might be able to bumble through this setup, but it's probably best to have an AdWords expert do it for you, especially when it comes to selecting your targeted streets and shopping malls on a map.

Ask your IT consultant if they know how to create a Hyper-Local or Remarketing campaign for AdWords. It will be worth it. Large companies like don't understand this micro strategy on AdWords, so if you are currently paying a flat fee for service and clicks you should just find another AdWords person to help you. If you need help, or want us to do it, give us a call for information at 973-413-8211.

Considering that AdWords Hyper-Local campaigns can be extremely targeted, you might only have a few ad impressions a day. Google says that 1 in 2 people "tapping" on your mobile ad should convert into sales. Google might be trumping up these numbers, because after all they make their money through AdWords. However, consider for a moment: when was the last time you had a 49% purchase potential from someone reading an ad? Hyper-Local campaigns do not get many impressions, but they seem to be a great place to throw a lot of marketing dollars.

Get involved with Mobile Google AdWords for this holiday. You can limit your spending to a few hundred dollars just to test it out. There's no better way to attract that foot traffic that's looking at their phone instead of watching where they are going.
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Confused and worried about your mobile website options? Click here to find out how to get your own website evaluation and a game plan to make it better.

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