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Thanksgiving Email Suggestion for Jewelers

Advertising in the days leading up to Black Friday will be flooded with "Door Buster Deals" that entice those potential shoppers looking for the best deals of the Holiday Season and you can easily participate in that advertising strategy with minimum, last minute investments.

Hopefully with our Lookbook suggestion yesterday, you have a clearly defined strategy of which products you will be pushing for the holiday season, but if you haven't yet selected a line of jewelry with retail prices of under $200 and under $100 then we've got some ideas for you. It's these price points that consumers will be attracted to on Black Friday, and it's these items that you need to announce in your Thanksgiving Day email.

Yes, we're actually suggesting you send a Thanksgiving Day email this year. According to there was a 46% jump in the number of Thanksgiving Day emails from 2009 to 2010. We're expecting to see that number jump even higher this year. If you are a brick and mortal only store then you should be advertising your Black Friday Door Buster Deals; but if you have an e-commerce site then you should be pushing customers to your online store.

On Thanksgiving night, after the holiday meal is finished, many consumers will take one last look over the local printed newspaper circulars to finalize their Black Friday plan of attack. The leading headlines in those circulars will advertise "Black Friday Doorbusters" and "Door Buster Deals." As they're rustling through papers, your timely "Black Friday Doorbuster" email will arrive (we're assuming on their cell phone) and catch their attention.

It's all in the timing, and we're suggesting 6PM local time.

Now let's have a quick conversation about the door buster inventory. What do you already have in stock that could be priced in the $40 - $100 range and then in the $100 - $200 range? While we're talking about price ranges, do you know about the rule of "7" when it comes to pricing? You can search for information online about the difference between the successes of "7" vs. "9" but here's the short version... As you know, the typical retail pricing strategy is to have $119.99 instead of $120, but e-commerce websites discovered a far greater success with ending their prices with a 7 instead of a 9, i.e. $117.

You should probably have an assortment of items available with a greater inventory at the low end. Hopefully some of your current vendors have a low price point line of items already available; if not, here are a few we know of. As a required disclaimer, we have no affiliation with these companies at all and we do not receive a commission for these suggestions.

Berco Jewelry Company
They actually have a "Door Buster" plan, and they have an email campaign to match it.

Best Bargains
We recently met them at the JA Special Delivery show. They have an assortment of jewelry that will work nicely as door buster deals. Their website is password protected and you will need your reseller license number to create an account on their website.

A.V. Diamonds
They have a sterling silver line that fits into the door buster price points.

(We're saving the best for last.)
By far the largest, best variety of jewelry we saw at the recent JA Special Delivery show in NYC was from this company. They carry a full array of low to high price point items in gold, silver, platinum, and alternative metals. They also carry white, blue, black, and cognac color diamonds. You will have to create an account on their website to see the protected online catalog. The silver jewelry and men's jewelry selections at the JA show were impressive, making them a good one-stop-shop. These guys also have an impressive flyer program.

Once you have the inventory picked out you can go ahead and plan your website and the Thanksgiving email.

If you have an e-commerce website you can start your selling on Thanksgiving evening with emails that announce:

"[THURSDAY ONLY] Thanksgiving Day Deals Online"
"Thanksgiving Deals Online Tonight"
"Jump Start Black Friday with Thanksgiving Deals Online Now"

If you only have brick and mortar stores you will probably want something like this instead:

"Black Friday Door Buster Deal Preview"
"Bring this Email with You for Black Friday Deals"
"Door Buster Jewelry Deals - Preview Our Selection"
"No Coupon Needed Black Friday Savings"

Whatever inventory you push, or email strategy you take, just make sure your website matches the email announcement you send on Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we will continue with your Black Friday internet marketing.
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