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Extending Your Jewelry Store's Holiday Well Wishes

Every year your mail boxes are filled with holiday cards from friends, family, and sometimes even business relations who want to simply say how important you are to them. The typical "Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year" are among the common phrases inside holiday greeting cards.

Your Facebook Likes, email subscribers, Twitter followers, and Google+ Circles are supporting your business, and are very important to you as well. A message of holiday cheer and heartfelt warmth can make their holiday a little happier.

Sending messages to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are easy and you shouldn't feel worried about message overload during the last days of the season. On the other hand your email subscribers might be getting tired of hearing from you by the time December 20th comes around.

Depending on how much you've ramped up your email marketing this year you might already be pushing the acceptable limits, and further messages, even if only heartfelt warmth, might be dismissed as more non-essential solicitations.

Before you consider sending another email just to say "Happy Holidays," take a close look at your email open rates and unsubscriptions. If your open rates are low and if your unsubscribe rates are high then don't send this extra email.

If you do decide to send a "Happy Holidays" email here are some suggestions, realizing that the message should be as generic as possible...

A Holiday Wish
A world of sparkle and brilliance
As 2011 draws to a close, we want to extend our sincerest thanks for sharing your precious moments with us throughout the year. May all of your wishes come true in 2012.
Your friends at
Joe's Jewelry Store

You could also add some personality to your Season's Greetings message by including a photograph of your entire staff, or perhaps a very short story of how you personally appreciate each customer's past patronage. You have the opportunity to share your own personality as the jewelry store owner, which clearly sets you apart from the other local jewelers and all online e-commerce jewelers.

Here are some basic email subject lines that might be useful for you. These ideas came from

"Warmest Wishes From The Family at Joe's Jewelry Store to Yours!"

"Happy Holidays from Joe's Jewelry Store"

"Happy Holidays - Wishing You The Best | Joe's Jewelry Store"

"Cheers To a Wonderful Holiday Season | Joe's Jewelry Store"

"From Us, To You..."

It looks like that will conclude our complete coverage of the 2011 Holiday Season. It's been a long 36 consecutive nugget series in hopes to help you achieve a more prosperous Holiday Season.

Feel free to ask if you need help or need us to clarify a topic for you.

In closing, we'd like to wish you all Happy Holiday Season!
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