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Two Suggestions to Immediately Spice Up Holiday Sales

Headlong into the holiday season already and you are either hoping for better or already happily surprised.

We're already hearing it both ways. Depending on the location, some jewelers have higher sales, some are the same as last year, and we've even heard from one that didn't have a single phone call or walk-in at all last week!

We're pretty sure that no matter what situation you are in you would be happy to get a few more quick sales this season so here are two fast tips to fish for some extra customers today.

1. Send an email to your list.

Alright, so we published that entire Holiday Run-Up and many days of email examples, but have you used those ideas? A few months ago we signed up for email newsletters from several dozen large and small jewelry stores. We're monitoring the messages and intensity of email newsletters as part of our research strategy for 2012. What we find interesting is that very few independent jewelers are actually using this method of communication.

It's strange that so many jewelers would take the time to put a newsletter signup on their website but then not send a single message. You have nothing to lose by trying this right now, today. Sign up with AWeber or Constant Contact and use one of their email templates, add a few photos of jewelry you want to showcase and type a message.

Any action is better than no action! Your email newsletter will generate traffic to your website for a few days so make sure you update your home page to match the email message before sending it.

Most of the big jewelry retailers are sending massive numbers of emails this year. Unlike other times of the year many customers will welcome the oversharing of emails as long as you continue to give them potential value and gift ideas.

Here are some current statics on emails: is sending at least 1 email a day right now.
Jared is sending 1 email at least every other day.
JTV sent 3 emails in October, 2 in November, but now they are sending 1 email every day.
Stauer is sending 2 emails per day right now.
Bluenile is sending emails every few days.

It's strange that we've not heard from several other large online retailers, like James Allan and other random large e-commerce sites.

2. Spruce up that home page.

Even if you have a low-maintenance (or no-maintenance [shame!]) website you should get in there and change your home page for the season. Use your home page to announce your store hours, special events, special offers and anything else you would like your customers to know about.

Search engines will naturally bring you new customer opportunities in the next few weeks, but these website change are more for you existing customers than newcomers. If you at least update your home page you will be able to capture the immediate attention of a past customer that is considering another visit. If you don't change your home page you run the risk of negative appeal because your existing customers will think nothing has changed in your store that was worthwhile enough to show online.

By the way, after the holidays are over you should still send out your email newsletter at least 3 times per month, and you should continue to update your website at least 3 times per week.
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