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This is part of our Grain of SEO Gold Series for Jewelers--short SEO tidbits.

What jewelry services do you provide in your store? You probably have a page on your website with brief descriptions of each service you provide, like jewelry cleaning, pearl restringing, watch repair, watch battery replacement, and everything else. Pages like this are a bad idea because there are too many unique topics grouped together on one page.

Don't let the search engines do a lot of extra work trying to figure out how your web pages are useful. Having too many topics on a single page will lower the ranking for that page. Web page ranking is easier when the page provides a single topic that could answer a simple web search.

Web pages with vague details about different topics are more likely to rank for obscure phrases instead of phrases that would attract customers.

The better approach is to write a single web page for each type of service you offer. Write an explanation of each service that is as descriptive as possible, but without going overboard. If you find yourself at a loss for words then use your cell phone to record your employee explaining the service to you just like they would to a customer. Transcribe that recording and create a single web page from it.

When you break up your pages like this, make sure to write naturally rather than repeating the same keyword phrases over and over again. A common SEO technique prior to 2011 was to count the number of times the same word was used on a page; we called it "keyword density" and it was a prominent ranking factor that we don't see much any more. Now we simply include the phrases that we know people will search for instead of loading a page with many variations of the same keyword to increase density.

Do you best to include more than 300 words on each web page and just be natural.
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