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Your SEO Guy Can Easily Kill Your Website

This is part 2 of 3 Daily Golden Nuggets. We are explaining the 3 common problems that can harm your jewelry website. Each is damaging in some way or another and will harm your ranking in Google's search results.

2. Programming glitches that bring down your website.

Programming a brand new website is tricky business. You should never, ever let a programmer make changes to live areas of your website without first testing them on a demo website. We've seen programmers with the best of intentions completely crash a website and not even realize it for hours.

By far the deadliest programming glitches take place when you are writing 302 and 301 redirect code by hand. Many SEO experts will dabble in making your URLs look nice for Google but mistakenly nullify your pages from Google instead.

Many SEO programmers will dig into your website settings and turn your website pages from ugly URLs into pretty, easily readable URLs.

Change this:
Into this:

Most SEO guys will use a built in website trick to masquerade the "index.php?id=234" to look like "engagement-rings" instead of actually replacing the page the way it should be. Naturally, page replacement takes longer and probably costs more money, but it's the better way to do it.

As we said, we've already seen many SEO guys crate accidental programming glitches that cause more harm than good. Those glitches are seen very quickly by Google and your website will lose ranking and traffic very fast.

These programming errors will lower the number of visitors to your website, which is something you should easily notice in Google Analytics. You might also experience a lower number of phone calls.

You might not notice this type of problem from your home page. No matter how good your SEO guy or programmer is you should visit your own website to review their work.

If or when you experience this type of problem it will take at least 14 days for Google to start spidering your website again after the programming glitches are fixed.
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