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The Importance of Video Transcripts for Jewelers

Video is a pretty powerful marketing tool. There are many ways you can shoot, edit, and post your own videos online.

One of our favorite suggestions, and perhaps the easiest method to create video, is to simply use your smartphone to record short clips around your jewelry store. In particular you could create video "unveilings" of new inventory as it arrives. Naturally that type of video will have a "home movie" or "reality show" type quality, which is a good way to entice your audience rather than trying to sell directly to them.

Posting your videos to Facebook and YouTube is made easy through a variety of software programs on your PC or Mac, as well as easily available applications for your smartphone. Videos uploaded to Facebook are usually never seen by anyone other than your own Facebook fan base due to the fact that neither Bing nor Google show Facebook videos in the SERPs.

YouTube is the largest platform for video hosting and both Bing and Google readily index and display those videos in the SERPs. There are many other hosting services, like Vimeo and MySpace, but none of them will get you the wide recognitions that YouTube currently provides.

Once you get your video uploaded to YouTube, there is one extra step you can take to make sure that Google and Bing find and show the video in their SERPs. Type out a transcript of the video.

It will probably take a lot of extra time to transcribe your video, but it's the only way to guarantee that the search engine spiders (which only read text) will fully understand what the video is about, and then properly include it in search results.

When uploading short videos to YouTube you should include a transcript as part of the video's description. Another option is embed the video on your jewelry store's website with a transcript of the video below it. If the transcript is long enough, you've just created a Google-friendly page of unique content, too!

Transcripts on YouTube will naturally gain attention to YouTube, whereas transcripts on your website will create extra traffic directly to your jewelry store's site.

Just like captions are important for photographs, transcripts are important for video.
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