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YouTube Videos Now Have Better Local Ranking

Last month Google changed the way YouTube videos are ranked in the SERP to better match locally created videos to user locations. We're not sure if this new feature will work on a country level, state level, or local town level, but it's enough for us to revisit the YouTube topic and remind you of some things you can be doing to attract search engine attention.

The easiest videos to create are short, simple presentations of jewelry between 15 to 60 seconds in length. Someone could model the jewelry while a narrator (you or the model) describes what it is; or you can make it real simple and hold the jewelry up to the camera.

The last time we suggested short videos like this, we recommended the Cisco Flipcam, but now we're recommending to just use your Android or iPhone. Both smartphones can record simple videos and also make it very easy to upload directly into your YouTube account.

To upload to YouTube you simply tap on the "share" button and look for the YouTube option. Both the Android and iPhone give you the ability to set the video's title, description, tags, and category. The Android also gives you the option to publish the video's location, i.e. the location of your Android when the video was created.

When uploading video from the iPhone, you will have to take one extra step and log into your YouTube account on your PC and manually enter the video's location.

Along with the title of the video, the location is what's important here. If you're publishing video of a diamond bracelet then call the video "Diamond Bracelet in Totowa, NJ at Perosi Jewelers." Naturally you should use your own actual town and store name.

Since Google just announced this new feature, we're going to assume the town name in the video's title, and the tagged location of the video will give you a greater chance of appearing in the SERP.

This strategy is for improved search engine optimization; in other words, this is to bring in new business. For starters you should consider making a video of each of your most popular product lines. If you shoot 5 diamond bracelet videos you shouldn't name them all the same so you will need to come up with more creative names other than the one suggested above.
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