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Multiple Domain Names with a Purpose

It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve top ranking for your jewelry store's website. Your store offers a variety of services which need to be explained. Even with your best efforts your website might not have high ranking in the SERP.

If you're feeling ambitious--very ambitious--you could take a different strategy of online marketing by using multiple websites for very specific target audiences.

Earlier this week we were looking at the SERP ranking competition for the phrase "mens watch bands" and were surprised how few local stores appeared in the results. Even when we searched for "mens watch bands totowa nj" we still didn't have local store results.

This example the SERP included these websites:

Each of these websites was 100% dedicated to selling watch bands with very little content. It looks like Google associates the phrase "mens watch band" with e-commerce, and therefore brought up all e-commerce websites that not only sold the product, but also had domain names similar to the search phrase, ignoring a relatively important modifer: "mens." Or perhaps it just didn't find any that specific.

We actually recommend diversifying your portfolio of website properties; but only after successfully launching your first site. Just keep in mind that keyword specific domain names usually lead to e-commerce type websites.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You could have a domain name with your town name in it, but the content on that website should talk about that town with links to an e-commerce website. You will probably struggle for quality content to put on this website, and might only have a few pages.

2. Domain names with the word "diamonds" should go to a diamond search site. From a usability point of view a consumer will believe your diamond domain name represents a diamond search site. However, we have to warn you that most diamond search databases have very low SEO value.

3. A domain name with the phrase "custom jewelry" should focus on the custom jewelry portion of your business. Dedicate this website to showing your previous custom design work, the various stages of the process, and the final piece. You will also need to figure out the technological hurdle of handling custom design through the internet. For that we recommend you take a look at for a fascinating way to communicate face to face.

What we don't recommend is simply buying various domains name just for their expected keyword value. You could point all these extra domain names at your regular website if you're also planning on using them for tracking other marketing. Domain names are not a replacement for individual content pages on your website. If you feel a domain name is worth buying, there better be a page that is directly related to it, on your site.

And just remember that Google and Bing don't like multiple domain names pointing to the same websites.
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