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SEO of a Flawless Diamond

We're taking a break from research and number crunching and getting back to some basics of SEO today.

Search engine optimization for your jewelry store's website is not hard; it's just time consuming. When you follow a few simple guidelines you will immediately boost your site ahead of other locally, and maybe even nationally.

The first recommendation we always have for people is to make sure you have the primary 3 on-page SEO factors all lined up. Oh, "on-page" refers to things you can control about your website, like what is says and how it looks. As opposed to "off-page" factors like link building and how people talk about you elsewhere on the internet.

The 3 primary SEO factors according to jWAG are:

1. The title of your page.
2. The words you use in the largest heading on your page.
3. The actual URL of your website.

If you really want to boost your ranking these 3 factors need to be the same, or very similar; and you need to keep the topic very specific.

Let's look at an example and search for something that might return a blog or educational article... we chose to search for "flawless diamonds" in Google.

The SERP returned a Blue Nile page, but then the rest of the results were random blog posts from other jewelry stores. Result #4 in the SERP stood out the most to use right away because the page title was actually "The Basics of Flawless Diamonds."

The rest of the results didn't have the complete phrase "flawless diamonds" in the title. We know that people tend to click on the phrases that best match their exact search query. This covers our #1 factor.

Landing on the page, the first thing we saw was the large article title "The Rare Flawless Diamonds." Behind the scenes, the HTML programming code formatting the title is a Header 1 tag, i.e. <h1>The Rare Flawless Diamonds</h1>.

The H1 tag is the #2 factor on our list.

And finally, the actual URL of the page was "Flawless_Diamond_Basics.asp." The URL had our keyword query in it, which is factor #3 on our list.

Side by side here are the 3 factors again:

1. Title: The Basics of Flawless Diamonds
2. H1: The Rare Flawless Diamonds
3. URL: Flawless_Diamond_Basics.asp

All 3 of them have our "flawless diamonds" search phrase, which is why we will confidently say this random blog entry was able to get a #4 ranking SERP spot when the first 3 were very strong e-tail jewelers.

If we had to improve upon this, we would have changed the H1 and URL to match the title like this:

1. Title: The Basics of Flawless Diamonds
2. H1: The Basics of Flawless Diamonds
3. URL: basics-of-flawless-diamonds.asp

Hopefully this short example gives you some ideas for your own website.
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