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Celebrity Blogging For Jewelers

We love blogging. In fact this is our 441st Daily Golden Nugget. It's not a special number like 100 was, or 200, or 400, or even 404. But the interesting thing is that once you have more than 300 real blog posts on your website you start to attract a lot of new visitors every month.

We're referring to a "real" blog post as something written about a topic that's near and dear to you, like celebrities adorned with jewelry at red carpet events, or jewelry fashion trends, or jewelry in entertainment news.

Paparazzi are not the only people interested in what celebrities are doing, or wearing. Your jewelry customers are also interested, which means you can blog about celebrities and attract attention... a lot of attention through Google SERPs.

As a long term test, we once wrote a celebrity blog post about reality-star-turned-actress Jamie Chung, and another about Jersey Shore's Snooki. Even now, more than a year later, both of these blog posts still appear in SERPs with at least 2000 SERP impressions monthly. After 14 months Google doesn't rate them very highly, and we don't get clicks much anymore, but they still show up.

During the first 30 days after the Snooki blog post that single page accounted for 3.31% of all our website traffic. That's a lot for a single web page, but it was also a hot topic at the time (a specific event).

Celebrity blogging is a strategy we strongly recommend, but naturally you need to find your source material for each blog entry. You can't copy someone else's work; people get in a lot of trouble with that. Each entry in your blog needs to be original otherwise Google will, to put it plainly, ignore you. And even if you sneak in, consider this: you're doing this to be found... those authors are going to find you.

Annual award shows are popular sources for red carpet photos and celebrities showing off a special designer jewelry style. There's enough source material from a single red carpet event to keep you blogging for days.

If you don't want to wait for the televised red carpet affairs, you can turn to fashion magazines, entertainment news magazines, and daily talk shows for other potential sources of celebrity and jewelry exposure to blog about.

Ever wonder how E! and Entertainment Tonight manage to have red carpet footage every single day? Because really, there are red carpet events constantly--and they rely on "best of"s and older footage to reflect on. Wikipedia has even started accepting individual pages on world-famous dresses that were worn once by either Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Fashion is timeless and shapes a culture just like music and slang. Same with jewelry.

We publish something new to the jWAG website daily, which would be a lofty goal for you to achieve. If you can post at least 2 times a month, it would be a good start.

And you have to get started with this. Blogging is a great way to add website content and attract new customers. Don't know where to start when it comes to who's on the A-list these days? Ask your staff. Hey, even ask your customers. Or at any point, head to Yahoo or Google trending topics. Just avoid the celebrities on parole.

Oh, and on another note, we're sorry to everyone that we've added to Google yet another blog about Snooki. We bet it gets hits!
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